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Translated by: Sammy@ http://ronforever.com
Date: 30th January 2008
Source: Mingpao

Raymond Lam faces Dai Kei with Pressure

Raymond Lam, Lei Si Kei and Fala Chan yesterday were learning how to make Moon cakes for HOG2. The announcement was that at 4:30 they were going to starting learning. But Raymond was late ½ and hour which caused them to wait. Raymond explained that because he was taking pictures for a magazine, and also he wasn’t sure about the time, was his excuse for being late. He explained to Lei Si Kei that next time they started work he wouldn’t be late.
In the series he says he is a Moon Cake chef, but he himself loves moon cafes. He also likes the egg yolk, and Lao Por Beng (老婆餅) and he is worried that before they even start filming, he will keep eating moon cakes which might make him fat.
This time Si Kei has competition and also Ha Yu, is of very high standard and is also nervous. When everything is just beginning he already feels the pressure.

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Translated by: celes @ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam/ & http://ronforever.com
Source: tom.com

Raymond Lam's Faces His Toy Collections Day and Night, The Adult's Still
Has Childlike Innocence

Everyone knows that Raymond Lam is a childish boy, he still loves cartoons and toys. Talking about these two topics he was so eager to tell his stories. Even his bedroom has become a toy shop. But Raymond admits that he was very picky with his toys.

Raymond said "I really like cartoon shows such as, One Piece, Teenage Ninja Turtles, Nin X Nin Ninja Hattori Kun, Full Metal Alchemist, Ketsukaishi, Gundam, Neo Getter" and many more. When asked whether he has many of the related toys? His list went on, "There are tons. Power Rangers (超合金),
Neo Getter, Bitobi (扭蛋), Predator and 12寸Figure. Its just the same. The list goes on.

Never chase the trend blindly
Things that you like, of course you would want to face it day and night, so he revealed that all his collections are kept in his room. Because there are too many collections, he had to make a large-scale glass cabinet, where all his toys will be kept in. Not only that, he also wants it to be facing
his bed, so that every night, he can look at his beloved stuff before he goes to sleep, and when he wakes up everyday, he also will see them instantly. When said that there's no difference from sleeping in the toy store, he yelled excitedly, "Right, that's why I'm very happy !"

But Raymond expressed that he won't just buy anything, his collection all along has not exceeded a thousand, because he is a picky person. He said, "I will only buy selected stuff that i like, even if there is one whole
set, I will only choose the one that I think is nice/attractive enough. I would not buy all of them just to complete the collection. Besides that, those limited edition ones that are overpriced, I definitely wouldn't buy
those, because its not worth it, even for collection, one should not chase the latest ones/trend blindly."

As for why he is so immersed into cartoons and toys, he laughed and said,
"I'm still a kid ma ! Ha ha, maybe it's because, when I was small, I didn't really played/come in contact with them, and I really like to watch cartoons, so naturally I want to have the related products.

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What is Fung doing in the picture above? ^_^

Excerpt from Ta Kung Pao:
The opening ceremony guest wore black and white sponsored clothing at the “John Richmond Rock’n Style” clothing shop’s opening ceremony. The guest included Raymond Lam, Kenny Kwan, Mandy Chiang, Louis Cheung, Rosemary, and HotCha. Raymond did a fashion show recently. At the show, he said that he has a lot of leg hair so he doesn’t wear shorts. But last night, he wore knee length pants to the function. He explained that he was wearing short pants because he wanted to gain more sponsors. He wants someone to sponsor his leg hair removal. Raymond also pointed out that he is a sweaty person and it would be great if someone sponsored his underwear. Would you model underwear in commercials? Raymond expressed that he won’t because it would be too embarrassing for him. He would at most, show the fringe of the underwear. Are you afraid of revealing too much about your private parts? He believes that everyone would be bothered with revealing that much. So he chooses to not reveal that much. He would only consider accepting it if the fees are high enough. But he doesn’t have the courage to do it now. The reporter pointed out that he is young and yet he is conservative. Raymond joked: “What should I be open about?” He said that being young doesn’t mean you can be open about everything. He is a conservative person. If he reveals too much too soon then people won’t have any expectations. He jokes that he left it as a secret weapon.

Excerpt from The Sun:
Raymond said: “I have chest hair also. Even though, it is not a lot but I still shave it. I need hair removal sponsors!”

Excerpt from Ming Pao:
Raymond disclosed: “My fans from Hangzhou notified me that a local hospital has used pictures of me as a spokesperson for the urological department. It really angers me! My fans are complaining to the hospital and asked them to remove those images. Also, TVB would deal with it.”

Excerpt from Ta Kung Pao:

…a hospital in Hangzhou has used images of Raymond without his consent to be the spokesperson for the urological department. He admitted that he was stunned when he found out about it. He says he wasn’t okay with what the hospital did since he doesn’t have any kidney diseases. His fans sent complaint letters to the hospital and TVB. Out of the many other Hong Kong celebrities, he was chosen to be the spokesperson. Raymond felt helpless and joked that he should thank the hospital for choosing him from the other stars. There are other celebrities’ images that were used in Japanese illicit businesses (sexual/pornographic). Raymond teased that he could go into the Japanese market soon. He pointed out that many people might not know that by doing this they could affect the artiste a lot. He hopes that these events won’t happen again.

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Credits: Serena @ http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com

Forgetful Raymond Lam Didn’t Bring Passport For Plane Ride

Yesterday, Raymond Lam was part of a large team of artistes that were going to Malaysia for the local TV station’s award ceremony. But the forgetful Raymond didn’t bring his passport. In the end, he needed to board the next flight. Raymond realized that he forgot his passport at the check-in counter. He immediately called home for someone to help him. He made at least ten calls before someone answered. With the help of others, he was able to obtain his passport at the instant before the check-in counter closes. But it turns out it was a previously lost passport which was voided. The new passport was still at home. In the end, Raymond needed to go home personally to retrieve his passport. He was scheduled for the next flight instead. Raymond said: “I have always been forgetful. The people behind me would surely benefit (since he losses his belongings). Candy mom isn’t here this time. This happened because she didn’t give me reminders.” Would you try to change your bad habit? He said: “I can’t change forgetfulness. I need to employ an assistant. Right now, I am afraid that I won’t make it to the autograph signing with Kevin Cheng.”

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Credits: Serena @http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com/

Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu have the same manager. Raymond Lam would organize a gathering each year to have a CNY dinner with artistes in the same group. This year, he needs to go to the US to do a show so the CNY dinner was pushed forward. Unfortunately, Yoyo Mung and Sharon Chan could not make it to the dinner. Only Bernice Liu was available.

Around CNY, Raymond would abide to traditions. He treats Bernice as a sister and invited her to have a CNY dinner. Even though Raymond is the youngest in the group, he was the first in the group.
So he became the “big brother” to Bernice. At the end of each Lunar year, he would organize the dinner party for all of his little sisters. Unfortunately, the conflicting schedules prevented the “family” dinner. In the end, only Bernice and Raymond were at the dinner table.
There weren’t a lot of people but Bernice and her jokes added a lot of warmth to the dinner party.

Even though Bernice grew up in Canada, she knows some traditional Chinese customs.
When the two started the dinner, Raymond wanted Bernice’s piece of fish.
They parried with chopsticks and Bernice immediately said: “You can’t do that! During CNY,
you can’t use chopsticks to peck at each other or else you will get yelled at by elders.”

She would continue to talk about Chinese customs and taboos.
She explained: “During the first day, you need to say lucky phrases. You can’t say anything
unlucky or else you get yelled at.
You also can’t wash your hair or sweep the floors. The third day is 赤口. Don’t go over to other people’s home to wish them a happy CNY.”

Raymond was a little helpless about not having enough people for the CNY dinner.
He said: “There’s nothing you can do. It’s hard to be the organizer for this event.
You have to accommodate this person and that person. I don’t really mind about my scheduling. Never mind about it! This year, there were people lacking. But there is a next year!”
He expressed that he needs to go the US during CNY. He won’t be back until the seventh day of the month.

He said with a pout: “I won’t be in Hong Kong for the entire CNY so I won’t get a lot of lucky pockets. But I won’t mind if my friends and family set aside lucky pockets for me!” Bernice said that her parents would be in Hong Kong for the New Year. She has five cute dog plushies and joked that she would bring them along to get lucky pockets.

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Credit: Emma Lam@Batgwa.com

Raymond Lam (—Ñ•õ) was joined by model Janice Man (•¶‰rŽX) at Kowloon's Seibu department store today to continue the store's season of fashion related fundraising events to raise money for the Make-a-Wish charity.

As well as performing some of his songs, Raymond also played games with members of the audience and also designed his own t-shirt. However, he made a mistake in the motif, writing the word "lovo" instead of "love". He explained later that he was too rushed, so it led him to mis-spell the word.

Talking of yesterday's incident, where Angela Tong (“’‰m‰m) was assaulted, Raymond revealed that he shares a manager with Angela, so he was quite concerned about her. He said that he did not worry about a similar incident happening to him because he rarely goes out on his own, especially where there are a lot of people. However, he did feel that what the perpetrator did was quite pointless. He added that there are a lot of stupid people around who will just attack other people because they do not like them. Raymond revealed that they often meet with troublesome people during filming and on one occasion, they had to cancel a shoot for a five-minute scene because people were complaining about the crew being an obstruction and forced them to leave.

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The article was released for Xmas 2007, thus the article is about Christmas!

Raymond Lam’s Christmas Feel

What Christmas present would you like to receive the most this year?

Actually I’m quite satisfied, especially with this year performance and award wise. There’s nothing particular that I want. My birthday is in December, so every year I would receive a lot of presents in December. This year it falls on the same day as “Foon Lok Moon Dong Wah”, so I’ve told my friends beforehand that, if they want to buy me a present, they might as well donate it to charity, it would be more meaningful.

Every year before Christmas, I’d actually go shopping. Every time I’d buy two big bags, and hand them out to my friends and family at the party, or treat it like drawing out presents. Beforehand, I’ve already given my mum a Christmas present, it’s a handbag. I know she wanted to buy a handbag, but the one I bought her wasn’t the one she wanted, but one that I chose with my own fashion sense. At first she didn’t really accept it, facing the mirror, moving left and right, but after dad complimented that it looked good, and so did her friends, she was very happy with it. As for dad’s present, I haven’t thought about it yet, because I still can’t seem to figure what thing he is missing.

What Christmas wish do you have this year?

Hm….I hope that I can quickly start dating, but its really hard finding the right person. Outsiders might think that it looks easy for us to meet people, but I, myself feel that it’s quite hard.

(Are there any requirements you are looking for?)

I don’t know myself either…hmm..it must be a girl! haha! Actually, we must look good together appearance wise, and have compatible personalities. It would be best if she appears to have lots of different personalities, because I’m like that too: sometimes active, sometimes quiet, lots of changing personalities.

Likes hiding at home

To Raymond, earning money is for self certainty, to use for life’s pleasure: “My living standards isn’t high, you should have known from seeing that I haven’t changed my car in six years! I just like to buy toys, watch cartoons, listen to music, play games and read comics. I used to like reading books, but I’ve been reading less, too tired, no concentration, and I’ve got a lot of hobbies, how much money do I use!” Raymond says that he usually wouldn’t buy many clothes, he’ll only buy nice clothes for work: “Usually if there’s nothing to do, I won’t leave the house. After waking up I won’t even comb my hair, I won’ t shave, and I run around the house in my slippers. (THAT SOUNDS ADORABLE!!) I feel that its most relaxing when I’m staying at home ‘healing‘.” Raymond hasn’t changed his car in a long time, but back then when he was a newcomer, he drove a $500,000HK or so SLK racing car. At that time, he expressed that the car is a birthday present from his parents, and it was stable and safe.

Really wants to date

From acting to becoming a singer, releasing his first album, Raymond was only able to see his family once a month. Now that he’s a singer, timing seems to have settled and he is thinking about dating. He said: “Every time I tell people, I really want to be in a relationship, but being in this profession it’s so busy there just isn’t time. It’s really hard to start, but I can’t just casually find anyone. We, in this profession do not have the time to slowly understand someone, even if you do start dating, it’s hard to manage it.” When asked when was the last time he had a day off, he thought and thought, and replied “I can’ t answer you! Really can’t figure it out“

I don't remember reading this article translated into english anywhere yet...but if it is posted on here already...meimei..you know what to do

Imagine Raymond roaming around his house...hair is not comb...with slippers...hahaha... just sooo cute and adorable picturing him doing that!!!

credits:K for TVB

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Source:http://ent.sina.com.cn/y/2008-01-12/19061872757.shtmlCredits: asianfanatics.net2007

TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards - Results

Favorite Male NewcomersGold: Raymond Lam

1/20/2008 05:40:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Raymond Lam & Fala Chen Do the Catwalk

Raymond Lam and Fala Chen appeared as guest models for "Koyo William Cheung"
at a fashion show last night.

Both of them were grouped together to model 3 different series of fashion wear.
Seems like Fala Chen did not mind exposing her back; However, compared with other models,
it was child's play.

From young, Fala's dream was to be a fashion designer. She did not dare to put on bra top for
the catwalk at the show as she feels that it will not be professional to do so.
Asked if there's a bottom line to being sexy?

She replied: "I can accept swimsuits but for underwear's there's too little fabric.
The most important factor is that it's OK with the Company and not the question of the
amount of the fees.

Previously at other functions, Raymond Lam was once arranged to wear shorts to model
but he feels that his legs are too hairy which doesn't suit him. In the end, it took the designer
to convince and gave him confidence for him to put on.

When asked on the type of shows which he will not take up?
Raymond replied that: 'Previously I was invited to perform in a underwear show but I didn't
take up the offer. Actually I won't even accept performing in swimwear shows as my
legs are too hairy. I'm afraid everyone will be frighten off, no matter how much money I'll not accept.

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Raymond Lam Angry That Pictures of Him Sleeping

Credits: Serena @ http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com, and http://asianfanatics.net

Raymond Lam is new to the music industry but he was in the top five nominations for the top male awards. Yesterday, he was at the worship ceremony and became angry when he saw reporters! He said: “I was on a plane when the person beside me wanted to take a picture with me. I declined because I was too tired. They secretly took pictures of me when I slept on the plane. They even uploaded it on the internet. I have a habit of surfing the internet and coincidently saw those pictures. I was wooden when I saw it. What should I do if they took video clips of me sleeping and snoring? They had no basic respect. I am most angry about people responding and saying that it wasn’t anything. They thought it was cute. I am very unhappy about it.”

Are you afraid of people saying you are arrogant about not taking pictures? Raymond said: “It’s not that I don’t want to take pictures. If I was at the airport, I can leave after taking pictures with people. I may have to stay half an hour to take pictures but I need to board the plane also.”

1/11/2008 09:53:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Raymond Lam Fung Exclusive Picture

It is very blurry!!
Yea, I'm finding a way to make it clearer..

There are more pictures but i will post it later because I'm finding a way to make it clear..

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Concert in US

Raymond will be having a concert at Atlantic City Hilton Resorts on February 10, 2008. He will be performing with Sharon Chan. Here is the following information:

Sharon Chan and Raymond Lam
Date - Sunday, February 10, 2008
Time - 1:00 AM ET
Venue - Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort
source: baby bee

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Raymond Lam Exclusive - Busy Recording his 2nd album

Credits: aZnangel @ asianeu
Source: Mingpao Weekly (Special Report)

Raymond Lam, recently stepped into the music industry, releasing the hit album "Love Searching You in Memory" (愛在記憶中找你), successfully selling 20,000 copies of his golden album. Last month at the Annual Hong Kong Music Awards ceremony, he was awarded "Metro's Most 'Explosive' New Male Artist" Award (新城勁爆新登場男歌手). He will be attending two of Roadshow's award ceremonies and is nominated for Newcomer Awards; In Raymond's music career road, it can be said he keeps the green light on, giving him full speed to rush into the stages of the Music Industry. Currently Raymond is busy recording for his second album, its not because of his accomplishments that he will "slowdown his footsteps". He smiles and says, "The first album lets everyone know a part of Lam Fung, the second one will have more surprises, hopefully music fans will continue to support!"

This year Raymond achieved alot, first he won "My Favorite TV Male Character Award", then in mainland he was awarded "Hong Kong's Most Popular TV Male Artiste Award". His performance has been well approved by audience. As for his music career, his first album "Love Searching You in Memory" was named Gold Album, gaining a glorious reputation for the Newcomer Awards. It is truly worth celebrating!

Pushes Work for Award

Raymond cherishes every award nomination. In the beginning when he released his album, he never thought of getting any award nominations. Turn out that once his album was released, the response was very good. But as this is his first year in the music industry, naturally he hopes he could win an award because after this year he won't be eligible for the newcomer awards. "Actually for year 2007, in mainland it can be consider a breakthrough. I generally have quite a bit of mainland jobs, but last year there were more opportunities for me. More people got to know me through the series "The Drive of Life" and after the release of my album, work has increased. The feeling is well worth it, hope I could get more award nominations in my homeland (HK). Afterall, Hong Kong is the international grand stage, the world's focus point. The market also uses this as the target. To a celebrity, an award is a 'driving force'. Audience's approval is one thing and of course I want everyone's approval!"

Surprises one after Another

The first album focused on the theme of love/romance, he owes us fast songs. In memory, during the "Our Generation Golden Songs Concert" (我們的世紀金曲演唱會) he performed hot dances. Sings and dances with the music quite well, why doesn't he choose to sing fast songs?

Raymond said, "A record company needs style and status, the next album will have arrangements, everyone will have to wait patiently. Definitely will have Surprises! "Love Searching You in Memory" allowed everyone to acknowledge a part of me, let everyone see how Lam Fung is like. Using love as the theme, the album brings a very comfortable feeling for music fans to interact with. However, this is only one part of me, the next album and all other future albums will reveal every part of me." Whether or not if your happy, there hasn't been any criticisms of you resembling like a certain singer? "Its not the first day that I entered the entertainment circle, but its the first year that I'm appearing in public with a singer status, so people won't say I seem like a certain music artist or make so and so comparisons about me. In addition, audiences or music fans already have a close feeling with me as they have seen of me on TV. Just hearing my voice, they'll know it's me. Raymond Lam is Raymond Lam!"

Music and TV: Dual Attention

Raymond being TVB's Siu Sang, will often need to go back to film series. This definitely will affect his music career more or less. Just like good friend Ron Ng, as an example, after releasing "Don't Blame Her", he started filming in mainland. Regarding this matter, Raymond Lam is not worried, he says, "I have been experiencing multiple (dual) jobs for a while now. Just as during the first album, I was filming a series on one side, while recording for my album on the other. The only thing is that I have to sacrifice my sleep time. Basically during that time I will focus on singing, truly using a singer's status to present myself, for acting use an actor's status only putting all my heart into acting. Work to do my best in both fields (acting & singing)."

No Time to Date

Speaking of his love life; Rain Li, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Fala Chan and Linda Chung, were all once rumored with Raymond. It's believed that during the time of hard work, it is difficult to date? Raymond says, "I really want to tell my friends that I want to date, but truthfully, I'm so busy that I don't even have time to spend with family, there's no time for me to go out and start a relationship. And theres no way that I can just go out and get a girl to date, even if I found one, I'm afraid that it'll be hard to maintain the relationship. The only way is to 'change hearts' and focus on my career."

Epilogue: Has Personal Connections

Mingpao invited Raymond Lam to shoot photos at the gates of "Cheung Kwan O" TV City (將軍澳電視城). From the time of make-up till the time he walked out through the doors, we only see Raymond smile at passbyers and wave 'hello' to his colleague with enthusiasm. One of the fans went up to him and wished him a Happy Birthday. As a result only within a few minutes of walking from the doors, there has been several interruptions as he was stopped by surrounding people many times. The trip back afterwards were yet the same. At the time, one of the workers was leaving the TV City with his son. Raymond spotted them, he teased the little kid saying he knew his father and took a picture with him using his cell phone for memories. A 'killer' female fan then approaches him and requested to take a picture with Raymond... the offscreen Raymond has good relationships with each one of his colleagues and socializes much with each of them. To fans, he is no different, no wonder he is so welcomed by fans. It was said that he grants every request.

1/05/2008 07:25:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Raymond Lam gets support from Stephen Chan For Asia Pacific Award,

Credit to Honeypot / Tungstar

Stephen Chan was filming an episode for the show "Be My Guest" with guest Susanna Kwan

Stephen was asked by the reporters about why Raymond Lam was on the nominations list for "Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer" award this year, but Andy Lau wasn't on the list.

Stephen Chan responded "I must investigate with other related departments, but this morning I have read the name list, and saw the partial award item has (Hua Zi?)"
He also added "Raymond is very popular and welcomed in the mainland"

As for whether Raymond had a chance of winning, Stephen said "Everyone has a chance, to be nominated is already lucky"

Reeve: Fung isn't just popular in mainland. Anyways hope he can get this award because this is a really big award!!! Let's cheer for him!!

1/04/2008 04:02:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Virginia Lok Reveals that Raymond Lam's Annual Salary +1.7 Million HKD, Moses Chan Becomes Most Profitable Artist,

Translated by: mv_288 @ asianfanatics.net

Viriginia Lok has made numerous artistes famous

Yesterday, TVB executive Virginia Lok accepted an interview with 查小欣. Discussing about Moses being 2007's most profitable artist, and asking if Moses's fees have increased after winning two awards, Lok says "Somewhat...but not really, his fees aren't low, since he bases his work on quality and not quantity. Actually, Roger and Bowie are the ones who make the most appearance (at functions)"

Lok expresses that the company receives very little commission fees from the artistes. Artistes are paid much more from filming non-TVB series, than TVB series. The commission received from these series helps to reduce TVB's production costs. Reports state that Raymond Lam's annual salary is +1.7 million HKD. Lok states that it's more than the reported figure. Then, she says that Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, and Ron Ng are all "Male/Female Money Vacuums"

1/04/2008 03:58:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Credit to Singtao
Translate by Dee@ http://raymondlam.info and xpham@ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam

On Jan 1st, Raymond Lam Fung held a promotion for his album with 200 fans coming to support him.

On the first day of the new year, Raymond was ill. Raymond Lam said 'The day before yesterday I went to Beijing to work, the temperature was below zero and was snowing so my nose acted up again (he has allergies). "Too bad, I'm lacking of talents, now my health is bad. What a pity."

In the new year Raymond hopes for people to continue to listen to his singing. He is starting to arrange a 2nd album, and hopes it has a big breakthrough, in the new album he will attempt to sing quick song and dances.
He hopes that the procedure to have his album to enter the Mainland market can be faster so he can promote his album in mainland soon.

The night of New Year's Eve, Raymond went to a countdown function with Jade Kwan. When asking about his new year wish he said "I hope I can exchange my vehicle this year, because I put up with this vehicle for 6 years"

1/02/2008 08:37:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

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