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Natalie Tong Takes Care On Exercise Bikes

Credits: Emma Lam@Batgwa.com

Raymond Lam (林峯), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Michael Tong (唐文龍) and Ken Wong (王凱韋) joined models Lisa S and Rosemary at a sports-themed promotional event Running Up To The Olympics today at Times Square. The event was jointly sponsored by Borel Watches and Esquire magazine.

At the event, the stars gave demonstrations of fitness events to raise money for charity. Charmaine arrived half an hour late and had to swap her event from the rowing machine to the treadmill because the skirt she wore was rather short. However, she only managed to run 60 metres in the end. She explained her tardiness by saying she had been busy filming on location for her new series The Turbulence Of East And West <東山飄雨西關晴>.

Natalie was arranged to give a demonstration on the exercise bikes and although she wore shorts underneath her skirt, she was very careful during the ride because the reporters were busy taking photographs from every angle. After changing into another outfit later, she also revealed a bra strap. Asked if she was worried that she would be accused of trying to steal the limelight by being overly revealing, she said that she had already done her best to avoid lifting her legs up too high and it was all in the name of sport.

Raymond has recently signed a seven-figure contract with the watch designers to be their spokesperson and the sponsors have also allowed him to select any watch he likes from their collection. Asked if he will be presenting his rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) with a lovers' watch, he laughed that he would invite her to attend a promotion with him to model them, but he would not be giving one to her privately because he had not reason to.

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Linda Ignores Fung
Pics:sharon@rf [credit]
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By seeying90

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By seeying90

[translate] credit:raymondlam.org
Even though there’s a saying which goes, “If a man is not bad, a woman wouldn’t love him.” That’s not necessary true! When HOG 2 started filming, Fung & Linda both said they viewed each other as their other half, and also appeared in functions as a couple to earn money. Earlier this magazine also revealed they shared a sandwich, very loving. But when some negative news appeared about Fung’s past loves, when the pair filmed some outdoor scenes for HOG 2 again, Linda and Fung now doesn’t appear as close as before, throughout the whole filming they didn’t interact with each other, causing Fung to be displeased.

Recently Fung had been affected by some negative news, earlier when he filmed some scenes with rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung, usually they’re quite attached to each other, but now when not filming they’re acting like strangers.

Not speaking to each other
Even though Linda and Fung seem to have a good relationship, but Linda maybe affected by the recent negative news, we saw at the filming location, after Linda got off the car she concentrated on learning the scripts, and walked away very fast from Fung who was still in the car, clearly wanted to keep their distance. Later when they both entered the truck for filming, normally before filming Linda would chat with Fung. However that day she concentrated on learning her lines instead and didn’t speak to Fung. When they started filming, because of work they finally chatted!

Ate a lot to express anger
Since Linda had ignored him, Fung was lacking in spirits. After filming that scene in the car, he went to a nearby restaurant to eat a lot. After he sat down at the restaurant, he immediately ordered a lunch. When the waiter brought him the soup, maybe Fung was thinking about how Linda ignored him earlier, he looked so sad when drinking his soup. Even though he didn’t eat much, the bill was around $300. He gave them a $500 bill to pay for the meal.

But why would he need to eat a lot to express his emotions leh, even if he ate dragon’s meat it still wouldn’t taste good. Better to just eat some Fish ball noodles which costs ten odd dollars!

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TVB Stars Private Lives Exposed, The Real-Life Ve, Sunday May 11, 2008 Hong Kong
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By seeying90
Source: The insider news came from a person named pinkrapture who described himself as “I’m currently studying in US, I have a friend in HK who works as the assistant of a well-known photographer. The photographer is under contact with TVB, and has worked with pretty much all the stars in TVB, even been out to lunch with many TVB stars.” Pinkrapture posted this article online to expose the private lives of TVB stars.

Gigi Lai: Many male actors admire her

Gigi, everyone who met her in real-life all say that she really is super beautiful, for people that say she is not beautiful, I can only tell you that if you ever meet her face-to-face, you will be taking back your words. She is also a very friendly person, no star attitude. She is on-screen lovers with Bowie, but in fact the two are not too familiar with each other. But Bowie takes care of her, and she treats him as her friend. Moses is also good to her and care for her. Other younger TVB actors such as Raymond and Kenneth are her admirers. Out of Gigi and Charmaine, most of TVB's internal people support Gigi. Of course, the two have never been against each other, in fact, to a certain extent, they are pretty good friends.

Charmaine Sheh: Very lucky

As Virginia Lok’s favourite, Charmaine gets to have her roles custom-made for her. Although many criticized her looks, but she still appears in roles requiring her to portray a beauty. She has good social skills, before her 2006 "best actress award," she took the TVB executives Virginia and Stephan out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Pleasing people left and right, no one will be giving her the cold shoulder.

Charmaine and Benny Chan used to be a couple, their romance was very stable at the start. But Benny was photographed several times in Taiwan going to hotels with Taiwanese girls. His bad news was always in the papers, this had a negative impact on Charmaine. TVB executives were not pleased and forced Charmaine to break up with him. Virignia promised to give Charmaine the first female lead in all her series and will let her take the best actress award. Charmaine knew to follow such a man will not give her a good future, so she decided to fight for her career.

Charmaine is not without support. Roger, Joe and Bobby have good relations with her. Bobby treats her like his little sister, he said a lot of goods words to support her, helped her gain a lot of opportunities.

Raymond Lam: Keeps a low-profile, doesn’t talk much

Raymond is now the highest ranked siu sang, he is better looking in real-life than on the TV screen.

He usually does not talk much, but people can feel he is a very sensible person, does not have the bad attitude of a son who comes from a wealthy family. He often chat to reporters at the studios, and respectfully addresses people more senior than him as “teacher”. He and Ron are really the best of friends, they can tell each other what’s inside their hearts.

TVB wanted Raymond and Linda to play on-screen couple, he was not pleased about it, but did not say too much. Anyway, he doesn’t have a very good impression of Linda.

Kevin Cheng: Favored by both Virginia and Catherine

Best actor winner of 2006, he almost drowned in people’s criticisms when the results came out. He was born in 1970, same age as Gigi and even a little older than Moses, but he looks younger than his age. He has been around for a long time, but unfortunately never had any breakthrough roles, but he has formed good relations with people, especially with Bosco. Both Virginia and Catherine like him, it is very difficult to have Virginia and Catherine liking the same person, apart from Gigi, Charmaine and Roger, only Kevin has done it. Even Bowie and Moses can’t gain the favors of both Virginia and Catherine.

Kevin and Niki are good friends, but not lovers. They were never a couple, but because Virginia and Catherine liked the two of them together, so for the past two years they pretended to be lovers in front of the TVB executives.

Bosco Wong: Working hard for love

Two years ago Bosco faced a low-point in his career, at that time he was almost frozen. He once made his mother so angry that she had to be sent to the hospital, this even caught Virgina’s attention.

But after filming "WOIL” he met Myolie who changed him. Out of actors from his generation, he is rising the fastest to the top, Raymond being the only exception.

Bosco and Myolie are really in love. When Myolie purchased a house, he was the one who made the first payment. Myolie’s father originally did not like Bosco, but later changed his view. There is an agreement between Bosco and Myolie, once he wins best actor award, they will reveal their relationship to the public. Currently Bosco’s career isn’t as good as Myolie’s, revealing their relationship too early would put pressure on him.

Myolie: Considerate of others

Myolie is pretty quite in private, when she is with Bosco, he is the talkative one. She is very considerate of other people, take care of other people’s emotions and thoughts. She is good friends with Nancy Wu and Kate Tsui.

Tavia Yeung: Nicest girl in TVB

Out of all female artists, Tavia is one of the nicest. Her character is very true, not manipulative, it is easy to make her happy. Everyone who comes in contact with her will like her. Ron and Raymond place their trust in her and would tell her their secrets. However, she is not well-like by TVB management, these past two years TVB promoted Linda instead of her. But ironically, Tavia is one of the few people in TVB that bothers to talk to Linda. Her boyfriend is called 蓝伟杰, he comes from Macau, he is not part of the entertainment circle, they have been together for a long time.

Linda Chung: Never anyone this obedient

Within TVB there is a well-known "79 tide", that is to say, many artists are born in 1979. To name a few: Raymond, Ron, Myolie, Bernice, Sharon, Tavia…… all of them are born in 79. Out of them, Raymond and Myolie are at the top, Sharon is last, Ron is sinking down, Tavia had more opportunities before. The most unlucky is Bernice, her popularity is disproportional with her status in TVB, after 7 or 8 years, she hadn’t even received a small award, many feel sorry for her. On the other hand, Linda who was born in 1984, can effortlessly climb up, if you want to know why, only one reason: sucking up.

No matter what TVB tells her to do, Linda will do it. Filming five series per year, she doesn’t complain of being tired. But her personality is not likeable, once, behind the cameras, she was showing a black face, but as soon as the camera is on her, she started crying pitifully about her mother. Viriginia loves Linda because she is so obedient, there is never anyone who can be this obedient.

Translations by Minidoll @ AF

seriously i dun quite believe.
it up to you all to believe anot.

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there are updates at ray tvb blog.
take a look over there.
Raymond's TVB Blog

new photos posted over there.

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Raymond 's ears turn red after hearing abt Linda, 5th May 2008
Source: TaKungPo
Translated by: Kat @ RaymondLam.org
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By seeying90
Raymond Lam and Leila Tong were invited to Macau yesterday, to promote some whitening products for Clinque. Raymond also had to rush to film HOG 2, which will air during the Autumn Moon Festival. Even though there were several studios in TVB which had flu outbreaks, Raymond said he's lucky he wasn't the source, but still needed to take anti-biotics to improve his defences. He revealed that HOG 2 will air 20 episodes before the Olympics, and then continue airing after it. He believes this will not interrupt the momentum, rather it will keep the audiences longing for more, because there will be climaxes in every episode. It will be Mother's Day this Sunday, Raymond's mother returned to HK recently, even though he has to work that day, he will definitely take some time to have dinner with his mum and plans to give her a handbag as a gift.

Fighting against “easily red”
As for whitening, Raymond openly admits that he will look twice at girls who have white skin with redness shining through (think snow white!). Both eyes should have life and never have any dark circles, and long hair is a must have. For himself he has thin skin so his face goes red easily. When asked whether Moses Chan (who plays his brother in the series) gets easily red as well, he laughs and says Moses' face gets red unusually. Actually they're quite shy. About Moses' face goes red every time the reporters ask about rumoured girlfriend Bernice – Raymond says even if they don't talk about her, even thinking about it makes Moses' face go red. So will his face go red when asked about rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung? He fightingly said, “Just see whether my face goes red now? (Your ears are red!) My ears go red easily, his (Moses) face goes red.”

Leila was called “black girl”
When Leila was young she was called “black girl”, and during “Twin of Brothers” some people have criticised that they have never seen an angel (? her character anyway) so tanned. Plus in summer she likes to swim, so her skin will only turn lighter in winter. She is resting now after filming a series, so at home she's learning cooking skills from her mum. She would like to cook some home style Indonesian dishes for her mum on Mother's Day, plus some whitening products as her mum recently likes to plant vegetables outdoors, so mum and daughter can both have white skin. Also she was discovered wearing an ear pressure point patch, she said she got a cold and was coughing while filming, so she was referred to a Chinese medicine doctor. As the ear pressure point patch worked very well, when she got better she kept using it to maintain her health.

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IFPI頒獎禮 (完整峯版)
credit to 雪子yuki ,bigbig59 @ youtube

Ray singing 愛在记憶中找你.^_^

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The Entire Country Welcome The Olympic Fire, May 2nd, 2008
credit to 雪子yuki , bigbig59@ youtube

seeying,spot ray.he beside moses ^_^



Those were in function.whereas those below is broadcast on tv.

that all ENJOY!

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Video of the being the spokeperson.
20080501 依波路表代言活动
credit to 雪子yuki & bigbig59@ youtube



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[BLOG] Support Olympics 2008 together !, 3rd May 2008

Support Olympics 2008 together !

Recording for TVB 08 Beijing Olympics theme song previously, support Olympics
2008 together !
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Raymond's TVB Blog

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Bosco Wong Challenges Moses Chan, 1st May 2008

Credits: maggiefung@raymond's forest
Translated by: celes @ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam & http://ronforever.com
Source: Next Weekly Issue 947

Bosco Wong Challenges Moses Chan

Bosco Wong, who is recently busy filming for "Heart of Greed 2", found some time to go to Mong Kok last Saturday (26th), to attend an Olympic themed event.

Thanks to last year, where he accepted one series after another, especially "War of In-Laws 2" which was well-received and drew a large audience, made Bosco's income increased a lot. Therefore, for this year's Mother's and Father's Day, he decides to become a filial son, buying a 5-figure present, specially for his two elders. However, Bosco's biggest wish is to buy a house/apartment, for his parents to live comfortably: "Seeing (house/apartment) la ! But it's still very expensive. Moses can accept rentals, really envy him, he is TVB's 3 big rich people, that is my target."

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Busy filming series to earn money, no time to change his clothes, still wearing a long-sleeved top to attend function, very hot, keep wiping his sweat.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Moses, who have houses rented out, is Bosco's motivation to earn more money. But should envy Raymond Lam (left) more, who never needed to worry about money since birth.

seeying:Ray forever being dragged into stupid news.wth!

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Raymond Lam signs a 7 figure contract, 30 April 2008
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Natalie Tong Takes Care On Exercise Bikes

Credits: Emma Lam@Batgwa.com

Raymond Lam (林峯), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Michael Tong (唐文龍) and Ken Wong (王凱韋) joined models Lisa S and Rosemary at a sports-themed promotional event Running Up To The Olympics today at Times Square. The event was jointly sponsored by Borel Watches and Esquire magazine.

At the event, the stars gave demonstrations of fitness events to raise money for charity. Charmaine arrived half an hour late and had to swap her event from the rowing machine to the treadmill because the skirt she wore was rather short. However, she only managed to run 60 metres in the end. She explained her tardiness by saying she had been busy filming on location for her new series The Turbulence Of East And West <東山飄雨西關晴>.

Natalie was arranged to give a demonstration on the exercise bikes and although she wore shorts underneath her skirt, she was very careful during the ride because the reporters were busy taking photographs from every angle. After changing into another outfit later, she also revealed a bra strap. Asked if she was worried that she would be accused of trying to steal the limelight by being overly revealing, she said that she had already done her best to avoid lifting her legs up too high and it was all in the name of sport.

Raymond has recently signed a seven-figure contract with the watch designers to be their spokesperson and the sponsors have also allowed him to select any watch he likes from their collection. Asked if he will be presenting his rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) with a lovers' watch, he laughed that he would invite her to attend a promotion with him to model them, but he would not be giving one to her privately because he had not reason to.

seeying:congrat ray on signing a 7 figure contract!

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Kidults Mag: No Pain No Gain, 27th April 2008
Credits: Dream @ RaymondForest.com, Kidults.com.hk
Translated by:[/g] kat @ http://raymondlam.org

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Do you remember “Heart of Greed”? After Alfred (played by Lam Fung) was in a car accident, he insisted on calling Seung Joi Sum in the phone booth and realised his dream. As they say life imitates art, in real life Fung also has this persistence, and works continuously to achieve his dreams. Today, let this young guy with drive and passion share his life philosophies.

[b]Role as a big brother
Many parents will place high hopes on their eldest son, and hope he will set a good example for his younger siblings. As the eldest son in his family, does Fung feel a lot of pressure? “Since we were young, my parents had taught us that regardless of who is right or wrong, as the eldest brother I will always get punished! So everytime my younger brother or sister gets into trouble, I will also be punished! But because of this strict upbringing, I’ve grown up to be more careful and also taking thing seriously. Now I work in front of the camera, I always remind myself so I won’t make mistakes.” As the eldest brother in the family he gets punished often even if it’s not his fault, Fung laughs and says maybe because of this his brother and sister now respect him a lot as he had to be the “target” of punishments.

Calling home every hour
Many people know that Fung has a strict family, so now he has developed good self-discipline. “When I was young I wasn’t allowed to go out at night. After school I have to go home straight away and if I was late I had to explain it to my family. I remember once when I went home late Dad’s punishment was me kneeling on the floor, and he used the broom stick to hit me. The force even made the broom stick bent!” Ever since, Fung has learnt to be more responsible, “Everytime I went out with friends, I would call home every hour and tell them I’m safe, so they will not be worried.” Many people would view calling home every hour as very tedious, plus it’s a very difficult thing to do for many rebellious youths. “Maybe it’s because I’m the eldest son, I knew how to step into other person’s shoes and be aware of their feelings, if this can make my family less worried, why wouldn’t I do it? My family never had the notion of “owning something for ourselves”, we would give selflessly and also like to share. Everything we do, our first priority is “the family”.” As he always think for others no wonder Fung can be harmonious with many different people!

How you live is how you act
The Fung in front of us has a good upbringing (bad translation I know, but I can’t think of anything else!) and gives people the impression that he’s is dependable. Actually, he was already like this when he was still studying. “My father’s teaching is ‘before doing something, you need to learn how to be a person’ the philosophy I still remember it now. As I am the eldest, my parents would take me to social functions when I was younger. As I see more of the world I learnt more and know how to handle different situations and can do it better than others.” To learn how to handle different situations, Fung says the best place to learn is at school. “At school there are different types of students, some are ‘bookworms’ - weaker when it comes to organising activities, some are very outgoing - but their results are not the best.” Fung laughs and says he is of the latter kind, and participated in many extracurricular activities. “I was part of the school swimming team, also participated in recitations, and was the conductor of the choir! I think students should participate in extracurricular activities, meet students from different years, expand your circle of friends, meet more people so you can learn how to deal with others.” But Fung emphasises, studying is still the foundation, so young people should concentrate on their studies.

What you can solve yourself is not a problem
Fung had studied architecture at University of Southern California. By coincidence he did not continue his studies and entered the entertainment industry. When asked about his struggles when he first entered the industry, he says, “for a 19 year old guy it was a huge decision. My parents were actually very worried. But I feel whatever I can solve myself is not a problem. So I decided to give it a try. I believe that in life you have to keep on trying to have the chance of success!” All parents in this world love their kids. When he first entered the industry, his parents worried a lot, but after visiting him on the set once, their worries were gone. “They came to visit me when I was filming in China, they saw that I was taking my work seriously and when I was tired I fell asleep on horseback. Since then, they understand that I’m not just fooling around and actually work very hard. Then they are not worried anymore.” Fung says playfully, now when his parents call when he is working, they will hang up immediately. So he doesn’t have to call them every hour like he used to!

Dont’ care about reporters
The famous people would normally avoid the gossip magazines and paparazzi, Fung is not an exception. Even though during holidays he can go yum cha with his family, but his family are afraid of going out to eat with him. And he would rather spend time resting at home, to avoid the reporters making up reports and taking photos. “The development of photo altering technologies is scary, so whatever effect you would like, you can do that on the computer.” In the past there had been conflicts between artists and the paparazzi, so has Fung thought about taking action to fight back? “Of course not, this will just waste my time and energy. It’s better to concentrate on tomorrow’s work.”

Fight for life
Even though he could’ve been an architect, but Fung chose the uncertain path of being in the entertainment industry. This puzzles a lot of people. Fung says with ease, “At different times, everyone had to face a decision-making moment, the most important is to understand your abilities and hobbies, then give everything to achieve it after careful thought. Then just do your best!” Fung started off as an unknown actor and now he is an actor/singer and an idol for many youths. This is the result of his beliefs. Fung points to his eye bags and says, “I had expected a lot of hard work before I entered this industry. I decided on this path because I wanted to challenge myself, see this eye bag of mine, previously I didn’t have any dark circles!” Everyone laughed after hearing this.

When we met him for the first time, in the beginning Fung introduced himself, “I’m Lam Fung ar!” He is easygoing and also gives the impression of being a big kid. During the interview we understood his emotions throughout his career. Through him we’ve learn “What you get is what you put in”. If you want to succeed there are no shortcuts. Looks like Fung had put in a lot of hardwork in the background! Young people should set goals and work towards them wholeheartedly. The readers of “Kidults” - we believe that you can do it too!

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Radio Interview with Cha Siu Yan, April 24, 2008
here the radio interview of ray respond abt the news.
credit: Translation: Kat @ RaymondLam.org
Raymond was on Cha Siu Yan's radio show yesterday, talking about the recent news linking him with the model/actress Tam Ching. He sounds pretty relaxed during the interview, so hopefully he's ok.

(I think the radio show's English name is "VaVaVoom" - on the CRHK 881 channel)

If posting on other sites, feel free to credit RaymondLam.org :)

MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?0yjobtzdlpv

Fung’s response - radio interview with Cha Siu Yan (24th April 2008)

Cha Siu Yan (CSY): Earlier this month there’s a female Mainland China artist, Tam Ching, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances from falling off a building in GuangZhou. Now there’re reports saying Fung once dated Tam Ching, and he even stole someone’s girlfriend, so I have to ask Fung…

CSY: Lam Fung…
Fung (F): Siu Yan jeh (sister), hello!
CSY: Lam Fung, hello, how’s it going? You have some negative news?
F: Yeah, I felt that news is very strange.
CSY: Not long ago there was a female artist who died in GuangZhou under strange circumstances. (Yeah Yeah..) they said you knew this female artist Tam Ching, is that true Lam Fung?
F: I can’t say I know her, but I have met her before. Some of my friends know her, but don’t know her very well. Actually this is big news, there were a few reporters who asked me about it. A couple of days ago I have already heard this news.

CSY: So how did you find out about this news?
F: When I was chatting to a friend on the phone we just happened to talk about it. I said, “wah, that’s big news”, and then another two days later some reporters asked me about it at a function. I said yeah yeah, I have met her before, but many years ago. Yeah I know what happened to her, but then when they published it, it became like this.

CSY: Yeah, they said you actually dated Tam Ching (wah, that’s outrageous). They said when you and Ron were filming “Twin of Brothers” in China, you guys went out a lot and met her.
F: Aiiii (sigh), this never happened, I don’t know why they wrote something like this?

CSY: But you said you have met Tam Ching once, how did you meet her?
F: If I remember correctly, it was a friend’s birthday or something like that. There was a group of friends, and many of them are in the advertising field. Some friends from Mainland China who work in advertising know her, I don’t really know her or her friends.

CSY: so you just saw her at a party
F: I know of this person.
CSY: and then you didn’t see her again?
F: No la, of course not!
CSY: you didn’t talk on the phone?
F: No la, of course not!
CSY: They said when Tam Ching came to HK she went out to dinner with you Lam Fung?
F: I don’t know why there’s such a report?
CSY: Yeah, they also said you talked to her on the phone a lot.
F: Of course that never happened, when I read the report I thought to myself, “uh? How did this happen? They gave me the cover for no reason?”
CSY: Well this sort of cover you probably don’t want it anyway.

CSY: They also said Tam Ching’s boyfriend, who they did not reveal the name of, just Mr K, confirmed that because of you, he broke up with Tam Ching.
F: Don’t think so la! That’s really outrageous.
CSY: Yeah, haven’t you read this report?
F: I read a little bit, when I was working yesterday a colleague just bought it. So we all read it together. We all said, how come it’s like that?
CSY: Yeah, sounds like you couldn’t explain yourself la Lam Fung. Yeah… as Tam Ching already passed away.

F: When I read most of the news I did feel something, I felt that this time what they wrote was really disrespectful (as they mentioned some people). Even if you’re joking you don’t make jokes like that.

CSY: For someone you met just once, now it sounds like there was something going on between you two. Plus in the report there were some criticisms about your character.
F: aaaiii, I don’t know. Actually I read the rumoured romance chart inside and I was filming HOG 2 yesterday, three of the girls on that chart (Linda, Tavia & Fala) were also filming as well. So we all laughed together. “Wah.. you three are also included!”
CSY: Yeah, they said you chased Linda for two years.
F: Yeah… unbelievable!
CSY: So are you chasing her?
F: No ar! Of course not, with filming I don’t even have time to sleep.

CSY: When your rumoured girlfriends see this kind of news, do you feel weird, or have to avoid each other?
F: No, we all sat down and read it together.
CSY: When these kinds of negative news come out, Lam Fung do you ask yourself why? Amongst all the actors why me?
F: I don’t know too. But recently there had been other negative news too…
CSY: Not just this one, they said you are always late when filming HOG 2 and both LSK and Susanna don’t like you.
F: Yeah… actually they comforted me and told me don’t be unhappy la… (Did you get someone angry?) I don’t know ar (or you’re having bad luck this year?) I don’t know ar, I just know that I’ve been filming non-stop. I’m working everyday and haven’t rested.

CSY: Do you feel it’s trouble you didn’t cause, or they just made up something out of nothing? Hahaha, or both?
F: Of course they just made something up out of nothing la. I don’t hide away from these news, that day when the reporter asked me about it I knew they wouldn’t write something good. I won’t say that I don’t know her at all, because I have met her. (yeah) I answered honestly, but when they published it, it became like this.

CSY: So will you find your friend who knows Tam Ching to verify this for you? To verify that you have only met her once.
F: It’s not necessary. I haven’t spoken to my friends yet but they will probably think this is weird, how come this involves you? Because we just talked about this recently, we all felt it’s difficult to believe something like this can happen to someone we know. But we wouldn’t really try to understand what actually happened, we just know of this news.

CSY: When you attended that function, the reporter from that magazine showed you the photo of Tam Ching (yeah), so did you recognise her straight away?
F: I recognised her, because I just heard about this news. I said, you guys heard about this news already? Yeah, just like that.

CSY: Did this affect your mood?
F: Yeah a bit, but not that much. Yeah, I still need to work.
CSY: Did TVB talk to you about this?
F: When I know about this news I called TVB, “wei, do you guys know of this news? How come they’re writing something like that? What is happening?” They just smiled and said, “aaai what’s with you? Not much you can do, did you anger someone?” They just smiled and didn’t think it was too serious.

CSY: When I contacted you yesterday you agreed to the interview without hesitation. Usually, according to our experience, unless you’re a “Best Actor”, usually (I’m not that good yet.) if you’ve done something you don’t want others to find out about you wouldn’t be so open about it. Usually they would avoid the reporters, don’t answer the phone, pretend they don’t have time…
F: Luckily I wasn’t filming, otherwise I couldn’t answer your call…
CSY: But you have to continue filming HOG 2 today.
F: Yeah, last night I filmed until 4am.

CSY: Will you take any action against this report?
F: That’s a lot of trouble, usually artists want to avoid trouble, don’t want this to become a serial. Hope everyone respect this case, respect the person who passed away, since this wasn’t a happy incident in the first place.

CSY: Will you ask your management to make a statement? So you can clarify this incident?
F: The company hasn’t indicate this, they just felt every now and then there would be some negative news. Don’t think it’s that serious right now.
CSY: They felt it’s your turn for some negative news…
F: Yeah.

CSY: So let’s analyse this incident together, let’s say you dated Tam Ching, in the past… even if that is true, and now this unfortunate incident happened to her, what has this got to do with you?
F: I thought about this too, if I, not even say we’ve dated, let’s say we are good friends.
CSY: Let’s say you’re good friends, but haven’t contacted each other for a long time. Then this friend could become rich, or become bankrupt. Or she got married and had kids – this all have nothing to do with you, you were just friends with her. (I don’t know why?) If we look at it like this then there would be many news right? I know many people too, so one day something happened to a person that Cha Siu Yan knows… and then it involves me too?

F: Yeah actually yesterday some colleagues and I were talking about this and they said, “uh? This can be tied to you? We all know many people so if something happens to them…”
CSY: yeah…so now it’s easy to make up news like that, Lam Fung, I know you have many acquaintances, so if Ron becomes very successful, or if Linda wins Best Actress, this all involves you.
F: yeah, but in the end having more friends is a good thing.

CSY: So will you be more careful now when you meet new people?
F: Yeah, I will be more careful, but not deliberately. When you meet someone and say hi to them that’s quite normal. If you avoid this then they say you’re arrogant and have “black face” (angry face?).

CSY: So your good friend Ron is also involved in this news (yeah… out of nowhere… aiii) So now the magazine has labelled you and Ron as players (likes to go out clubbing etc). Hahah so now what Lam Fung?
F: Truthfully, for a young guy what is “like to muck/play around”? I like to play video games (of course they mean you going out to nightclubs etc). Actually I bumped into some paparazzi before, they all said - following you is so boring! I said, yeah! I need to work tomorrow. I can even show you my “run down” (schedule). When I finish filming of course I’ll go home and rest.

CSY: It’s just that when you do go out clubbing they found you?
F: My friends know that I only go out when there’s a big holiday or when there’s a celebration. Usually I don’t go out even if they tried to persuade me. I guess it’s because I’m quite lazy, I like to stay at home and do whatever. At home I usually watch TV, or go online and can spend a lot of time. I have many toys which I haven’t assembled yet, I don’t know… usually it’s very messy.

CSY: So how will you clear your name? What will you do?
F: Uh? No I won’t do anything deliberate to clear my name. I just keep doing what I need to do.
CSY: Yeah that’s true, if you deliberately do something it’ll just attract more attention…
F: The truth is we film night and day, and sometimes we are in a bad mood. We can’t be smiling all the time, 24 hours a day. So sometimes they see that your tired face, and they say you’re “black face”.

CSY: Ok, hopefully you only have to clarify this once on this show and people will understand.
F: Yeah, explaining it once is enough.
F: Thank you.
CSY: Bye bye
F: Thank you, bye bye.

5/03/2008 09:58:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Raymond Lam: Only Met Tam Ching(譚靜) Once, Not Frie, 25nd April 2008
Translated by: aZnangel @ Asian EU
Source: Mingpao

Raymond Lam: Only Met Tam Ching(譚靜) Once, Not Friends

Early this month, in GuangZhou a model and actress was found dead (its called 「半空艷屍」 case). The female who died Tam Ching (譚靜) used to be a student in ATV's Performing Arts school. It was reported that she had connections with a Hong Kong Artist. Yesterday there were reports that in 2003, Tam Ching and Raymond Lam had contact and because of this she broke up with her boyfriend. Yesterday reporters asked Raymond about his relationship with Tam Ching? He said: "Only seen once, cannot say I knew her."

Tam Ching's ex-boyfriend accepted an interview and said that Tam Ching and Raymond Lam knew each other in Shanghai, afterwards she arrived in HK for work and met up with Raymond. She once told her boyfriend that Raymond is her good friend, in her blog she always mentions that Raymond is a very good person. After, she and her boyfriend broke up. After the 「半空艷屍」 death case happened, Tam Ching and Raymond Lam's past relationship reveals, but Raymond denies their 'good friend' relationship, they never collaborated before and said that she was just a friend's of a friend's friend.

Yesterday reporters tried to prove the reports of Raymond, he said that he only seen Tam Ching once and never really met her. Because this is a big news, there was a friend who informed him about it, so he recognized her. He also said that Tam Ching has decreased, and should respect the decreased. He will not say anymore.

According to the news report, police said that Tam Ching/Tan Jing (譚靜) was thrown out of a 30 floor building and her body was found half-naked in GwangZhou.

Seeying:i believe in ray :D

5/03/2008 09:51:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

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