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Credits: Simply FungYi Blog
Translated by: Emma Lam

To celebrate Hong Kong's status as co-host city for the equestrian events of the Beijing Olympic Games, EEG have pulled out all the stops and called in ten of its top stars - Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Lee Jun Ki, Charlene Choi, Anthony Wong, Raymond Lam, Yumiko Cheng, Vincy Chan and Tian Liang to record the event's theme song "Decathlon" <\€‘S”\>.

The song was written and produced by Kwong Wing Chan and lyrics were by Chow Yiufai. There are also Mandarin and Cantonese versions of the song, which will be launched officially on 01 July at an event to be held at the Shatin Racecourse.

Bringing together the busy stars to record the song was no easy feat for the company, especially for Jackie and Lee who flew in especially for the recording. Tian was unable to return for his part, so EEG arranged for it to be recorded locally. Nicholas had just 4 hours out of his busy filming schedule and Joey had to a day's vacation that she had planned previously.

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Source: On.cc
Credits: Fox @ RLZoo.net
Photos credit to RaymondForest
Translated by Blumonkee *my frist attempt......*

Today, Raymond went to an outdoor promotional event for Ernest Borel at Sha Tin Race Track. Raymond had said that he is not familiar with gambling, as well as horse race betting. Even to playing mah jong he is not that good. Raymond seldom goes to a horse race track, but when he goes, he will place a small bet.

Raymond mentioned that when he was young, he was taught horse back riding. He had fallen off the horse as well. The accident made a scar on his arm and his back.

Raymond points to the scar on his arm.

Here's the news that Kat @ RaymondLam.org translated.

News Report: Fung denies avoiding Fala Chen
Yesterday, Fung dressed up in horse riding clothes for a function at the racecourse. There’s a report which said the “Moonlight” actors are scared of Fala Chen, they all avoid her after filming because she is too troublesome. Fung said, “No, Fala is my sister in the series, she cannot speak and needs to use sign language. She works very hard learning the sign language and filming was very successful. We know each other well, and didn’t avoid her deliberately.”

Fell off a horse caused injuries throughout his body
Speaking of horses, Fung said, “I’ve filmed quite a lot of ancient costume series and I needed to ride horses. But I fell off a horse while filming “The Last Breakthrough”. At that time we only needed to film one shot, but the horse was throwing tantrums with four legs in the air. Its head hit my chin, and I immediately jumped off but hit the fence. Both my arms, legs and back were injured by the fence and was bleeding. Now I still have the scars.” He said luckily it did not leave him traumatised, and he would still ride horses. Fung said he doesn’t know how to bet on horses, and doesn’t like playing mahjong. “I don’t know much about gambling.”

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Fung Films Swimming Scenes to Show His Figure, June 11, 2008
Credits: Takungpao (news), on.cc & Mingpao (photos)
Translated by Kat @ Raymondlam.org

When Fung was filming outdoors for HOG 2 ("Moonlight Resonance") yesterday, red spots appeared on his face from being exposed to too much sun. When asked whether having red spots will affect his handsome guy image? He said filming a modern series is not very exhausting, it would be worst if it’s an ancient costume series. Yesterday the weather was quite hot, did he feel dizzy? He laughs and says wouldn’t, he’s not the weakling type. The reporter saw that both his eyes were red, it was from filming a swimming scene the day before yesterday. Maybe it was because the pool was too new, so the chlorine made his eyes turn red. Did he film the scene wearing swim trunks? He revealed he was wearing a one piece, but it was quite tight fitting. So did it reveal his figure? Fung smiles and says, “If I had it you can see it. But everybody’s standards are different, don’t know what you guys think is the figure.”

Need to keep fit to wear swim trunks
With summer looming, will Fung consider doing shows modelling swimming suits? He laughs and says no, because it would reveal too much. But he denies not having courage, he feels you can’t casually wear swimming suits, unless it’s a competition. When he normally goes swimming he would wear board shorts. What if he was paid handsomely? He laughs and says they need to give him half a month to work out, but if it’s wearing triangle briefs he probably wouldn’t accept it.

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Sunday Mag: Fung was so hungry,so he ate the props

Lam Fung have always been accused of arriving late for filming and having a “rich guy” attitude. To be fair, there’s no direct relationship between arriving late and being rich, just like saying a poor person must arrive on time! It doesn’t mean that just because he’s rich he doesn’t take work seriously!A few days ago Fung, Linda and Bosco were filming some outdoor scenes at the Lok Fok Jewellery store at Causeway Bay. It was around 4pm, but they’ve been filming since morning and haven’t had anything to eat.When they were waiting for filming, an aroma came from baking bread. The smell came from one of the staff, who was walking around holding a large bag of bread which will be used for filming. The crew had already taken precautions by buying an extra 8 or 10. When the hungry Fung smelt the bread, he immediately picked the sausage cheese bread and ate it in 2 seconds. When you’re hungry, everyone is equal, even the billion dollar rich guy will enjoy food that doesn’t cost so much.

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Raymond & Linda dating, harassed by Camera Flashes, 4th Jun 2008

Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianeu.net/forums/Source: Oriental Daily Raymond Lam & Linda Chung dating, harassed by Camera Flashes Last night at 10pm, Raymond Lam and rumored girlfriend Linda Chung were filming in Central for the outdoor scenes for their new series, the two were filming a romantic 'slow walk' scene. Because the setting had many on lookers taking pictures of them, the filming process was interupted. Afterwards, there were numerous numbers of fans requesting Raymond to take pictures and sign autographs. Always been responsive to fans, this time Raymond rejected all fans' requests with Linda Chung, the fans only could stand aside and wait. But we saw Raymond and Linda Chung slowly fixing their beautiful faces with make-up, at the end after filming they just left.OMG!!What happen to raymond lam?----------------------Filming scenes at night, Fung reapplies makeup to protect his handsome lookCredits: Singtao, on.ccTranslation: kat@raymondlam.orgTwo nights ago at around 10pm, Fung and Linda Chung were filming some scenes for HOG 2 at Central’s Soho area. There were many tourists in the area and when they saw Fung was there filming, they became excited and screamed his name. Then they brought out their cameras hoping to get a photo with him. However, Fung said to his fans he was filming and can only take photos with them later. That scene is mostly about them walking in the Soho area and chatting. As the weather was quite hot, Fung was continually sweating as he was wearing a long sleeved shirt. Fung had to reapply his makeup a lot as he normally cares a lot about his appearance, hoping to face the audience with his best look. When Linda discovered the reporters, she immediately posed for them (with the “V” gesture) and let them take photos.

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Linda Chung denies Raymond Lam is chasing her, May 28th, 2008

Source: Sina.comTranslation: Kat@raymondlam.orgLinda Chung denies Raymond Lam is chasing her, reveals Steven Ma often gives her Chinese herbal teaTVB actor Raymond Lam chasing Linda Chung? Manager fiercely denies, “only a method of promotion!”When Linda is mentioned, you immediately think of Raymond Lam who is always linked with her. Hong Kong news reports have said that Raymond is currently chasing this famous beauty pageant winner, not only through SMS, but often being her driver, giving her lots of attention!A few days ago, we interviewed Linda. Linda admits that she is under a lot of pressure from filming. Filming 3 series at the same time, she says that her mood is unstable. Steven Ma is very understanding, gave her some Chinese herbal tea to calm her “fire”! When Steven is mentioned, Linda talks a lot about him, “A Journey Called Life is the 2nd time we’ve worked together, the first time is Virtues of Harmony. Steven is like a big brother, looking after me and giving me encouragement.” She reveals when filming “A Journey Called Life” she was also filming a movie and another series, one after another. She was very tired and emotions became unstable. “My body was affected. My throat was infected and I lost my voice for the whole month. This affected my emotions even more and I was quite down, but Steven saw me like this and looked after me, he even gave me Chinese herbal tea to drink…”Did Steven boil some herbal tea for Linda? Linda said, “No la, his dad boiled them. He saw that I was quite “hot air” (direct translation – sorry, not sure what it is in English!), so he gave some to me at the studios, very caring.”

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Credit: Face Weekly Magazine, RaymondForest.com
Translated by: RaymondLam.org

Recently, the PSP game “Monster Hunter Portable 2G” became very popular. Many people had been playing this game, even playing it at Macdonalds overnight hoping to slay the dragon and move onto a higher level. With Maccas becoming an abbatoir, the players become the hunter, killing dragons as they see them and became very involved in the game.

Even the stars in the entertainment industry are dragon slayers. Donald (from I Love You Boyz) is the number 1 fan. His whole “Monster Hunter” gear can rival the serious gamers. Lam Raymond used a cheat, borrowing the invincible cat from a friend to help him slay the dragons. Luckily Raymond only links up with his friends like Moses Chan to play the hero. Otherwise if the gamers found out he used a cheat he would be embarrassed.

“Monster Hunter” was released about a month ago and already many gamers are playing it day and night. Even rich guy Raymond is a fan, but he said the dragons in “Monster Hunter” are large and agressive. If you get bitten twice it’s game over. So he decided to use a cheat, and got an invincible cat to kill the dragon together. Lam Raymond said, “Originally I thought it was quite difficult to play, the dragon is big and fast. If you get bitten once you will die. Luckily a friend sent me a companion cat with a 40,000 attacking power. Ha! Everything is solved. Any dragon would be scared if it sees me. I know it’s not that good to use a cheat, but I rarely use it. I only use it when I really can’t kill it! You know, I don’t have that much time!” Lam Raymond also said he really enjoys collecting the materials to make armours. He said, “The amours are very cool, wearing it to slay the dragons adds to the enjoyment, plus the weapons are also very cool.” His thoughts are similar to the gamers! Everyone is very intense when playing “Monster Hunter”, but Raymond can easily raise to new levels. Of course, he has the super cat to help him!

Invincible companion cat
When the gamer tries to slay a dragon alone, the gamer can choose a companion cat to help. The average attacking power is about 200 to 300, but Raymond’s cat has around 40,000. The cat might look cute, but it’s actually the nemisis of the dragons!

Dragon slayers group
Moses Chan - When Raymond and I don’t have to film HOG 2 we will play. I like to use the sword. We’ve played for a month now. The game requires a lot of cooperation, if you try to slay the dragon alone you wouldn’t survive.

Vin Choi Kei Chun - Normally I play with my younger brother at home. Then I saw Raymond playing it at the makeup room so I joined them. I use the double sword as it’s very quick.

Edwin Siu - I haven’t played it for long. I saw Moses and Raymond playing it so happily so I bought the game to try it. I like it how you can play it for so long.

“Monster Hunter” became the gamers’ favourite as you can connect with others to play. Plus there are new missions to download every Friday so you can play it for a long time. There’re also many cool armours and weapons, going out to slay dragons you need some new clothes! Slaying more dragons will earn more beautiful outfits.

After you have slayed the most agressive dragon, you will win this armour (picture?). But killing the dragon does not mean you have collected everything. It’s very common to slay the dragon 3, 5, 7 times.

New girl Yoyo Mung learning to slay dragons
Yoyo Mung’s boyfriend Ekin loves playing games. YoYo became a dragon slayer too but she said it’s not because of Ekin. “When I was filming HOG 2, I saw Moses and Raymond playing it a lot. So I bought the game to try. But then I discovered it was very difficult to play as it was very easy to be killed by the dragon. I couldn’t kill the monster after a whole week. Guys really have patience. Now I only play it occasionally, but there’s an Octopus card cover gift with every game and I’ve kept that.”

Yoyo has been playing the PSP for a year. Recently when filming HOG 2 she slayed dragons with Raymond. But to ask a girl to chase down a dragon to slay it can be difficult. Actually she can ask for help from boyfriend Ekin, or ask him to send you the super cat!

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Snake, a creature with scales covering all of its body, its outward appearance is not very favourable.

Because of filming, needed to work with this creature which makes people feel uncomfortable.

The snake’s body looks very smooth, but that’s not true.

The snake is sliding across my body. I can feel each of the dry scales moving irreguarly, according their own will on my body.

Look! Do I look like a snake king?

credit: raymondlam.org

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