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News Source: The Sun
Translation by Kat @ RL.org

Yesterday Fung accepted an invitation from the radio show “Home Sweet Home” and the “Make a wish” foundation to visit a young boy Toby, who has central nuclear myopathy. As it was Toby’s wish to own a printer so he can print his photos, Fung took a picture with Toby and also signed autographs for him, making Toby’s wish come true!When asked whether his current wish is becoming TV King, Fung smiled and said, “Every artist would want this validation, besides travelling to outer space, of course I hope this wish will come true!” He also revealed his childhood wish was to travel to outer space, until now when he goes BBQ-ing with friends, he will take that opportunity to go star gazing.

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translated by:yiing@fungfans.bs.com
Rich raymond order one curry meat culet rice set, with onlt the cost of 52dollar, and he finish it all,rich doesn't mean need to eat expensive!
lately ray is spotted eating with tvb executive isn't surprised but ray get seen shopping at this narrow place is so shocking.
Reporter saying:
know why ray eating at roadside stall? Maybe because lately eating with tvb executive spend too much so need save more now. Like tat he wun lost much after all.
Yiing:Sorry for poor translation.i tink this report is ridiculous la.eating cheaper food also get say.muz eat expensive food everyday?haha.
I hope this font is big enuff?

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Raymond Lam: Your Love showcase in Malaysia
Sunday October 26, 2008 Hong Kong
Credits: to http://raymondlam.org/ fro translation
News Source: KwongWah.com.my

Late again for Malaysian promotion, Fung apologises to the media

Fung is in Malaysia again promoting his album, he was late again for about an hour. Afterwards he immediately apologised to the media explaining it was because of a traffic jam.

Last time when Fung was in Malaysia promoting an album, he was late for about an hour. This time to promote his new album “Your Love”, he was late for the press conference again for about an hour and 15 minutes. The press conference was schedule to start at 3pm and Fung only arrived at 4.15pm.

After the media finished their interviews, Fung explained it took 45 minutes from his hotel to the press conference, which was why he was late. But according to those in the know, the conference was scheduled to start at 3pm, but after 3pm Fung was still at the hotel. As to why he was late, Fung explained it was because of bad traffic.

Like girls who can sing
When asked whether he is eager to hold a concert, he said this is the goal for every singer. But he is not very good at remembering lyrics, so he will try to improve. The host said, “Emil Chow often forgets his lyrics!” Fung said, “Being a singer can’t be like this (forgetting lyrics)!”

In the album, Fung sings a duet with Vincy Chan “After Tomorrow”. He smiled and said working with different female singers will have different effects. The media asked him, is Vincy the type of girl he likes? He simply answered, “Vincy is quite obedient! I prefer girls who can sing.”

Viewing the “TV King” fights normally
About news on the fight for TV King, Fung said he is not taking these news to heart. (viewing it normally). He also believes TVB’s actors all portray their roles very seriously, and not acting because of fighting for awards.

The press conference not only invited members of the media, there were also many sponsors and fans. When the host allowed the media to ask questions, a man surprisingly asked Fung to tell him the ending of “The Four”, because he needed to attend his function and cannot watch “The Four”’s ending. Even though this is the case, Fung only said, “I don’t quite remember the ending!”

The microphone was often not working, Fung: Don’t play me
During Fung’s “Your Love” showcase, the audio and microphone had a lot of problems. Fung even had to keep the peace, so the showcase can continue.

The first of the “Your Love” showcase was held on Friday night, 8:30pm at the entrance of the Pavillion. This showcase attracted about 1000 fans’ support. Even though Fung was not feeling well, he sang three songs, including “Lover and Sea”, a duet with Vincy “After Tomorrow” and the hit song “Love with no regrets”.

The unfortunate thing was that the audio had lots of problems, sometimes the microphone was working and sometimes it was not. This affected the showcase. Since the microphone was having problems, Fung smiled and said in the end, “I’m not familiar with you, don’t play me like this!”

Sweating while singing duet with Vincy
The only time when the microphone was working property was when Fung was singing with Vincy. Their singing attracted many fans’ applause. After the song they also hugged each other. Fung also joked, “singing with Vincy made me sweat!”

After Fung sang “Love with no regrets”, the autograph session began. Unexpectedly, the host’s microphone was not working, she had to shout the instructions, but it didn’t quite work.

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Raymond and Vincy's record promotion was nearly canceled
Sunday October 26, 2008 Hong Kong

Raymond Lam and Vincy Chan's new song "After tomorrow" is getting very popular. They went to Malaysia to promote this song. There was a promotion activity for them to meet the fans in Kuala Lumpur. On the day, it was pouring with rain. The road was also very muddy. As it was an open ground, the organizer was worried about the number of people would turn up. THey were thinking about canceling the event. Good job the rain stopped in time. The Malaysian fans were not deterred by the bad weather. Thousands of fans tuned up for the activity, and it was a great success.

When Vincy was in the radio studio live, many of her fans rushed inside the studio to give her the birthday cake and wished her happy birthday. She was very touched.


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Raymond and Vincy's record promotion was nearly canceled
Sunday October 26, 2008 Hong Kong

Raymond Lam and Vincy Chan's new song "After tomorrow" is getting very popular. They went to Malaysia to promote this song. There was a promotion activity for them to meet the fans in Kuala Lumpur. On the day, it was pouring with rain. The road was also very muddy. As it was an open ground, the organizer was worried about the number of people would turn up. THey were thinking about canceling the event. Good job the rain stopped in time. The Malaysian fans were not deterred by the bad weather. Thousands of fans tuned up for the activity, and it was a great success.

When Vincy was in the radio studio live, many of her fans rushed inside the studio to give her the birthday cake and wished her happy birthday. She was very touched.


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credit :(Matchbox) @ Mediachamber.net
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Yesterday Raymond Lam attended a Beautiful Tips function. During the function he had to help 3 female model's apply make-up but appeared a little awkward. He explained it was because in the past he hurt someone with a hairclip and that's why he will be very careful now. A magazine article published pictures of him having dinner with TVB executive Virginia Lok and referred him having a path to receive the award. Raymond helplessly said "I did not read the reports but they let me be on the front cover, I would like to Thank them. Actually during the time there were other department staff with us". (But wouldn't inviting them for dinner before the Anniversary be sensitive?) "I will not deliberately avoid it because I do owe them a lot of meals. Also each year I have confidence because I have personally worked very hard but I will allow it to come naturally. I just hope to get everyone's recognition. I will not look at receiving awards too seriously".

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Tvb Lover and sea full version mv
credit:yuki's blog and solki2008

2 of the pics in e mvs
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update of ray tvb blog ^_^
let me translate.

thanks for u guys support for my album
I have been busy with my new albums stuff previously, first busy with making of my album after tat busy with promoting my album.My album finally released!!really thank everyone for the support,if dun hav all of u all support, my album wun sell so well!!
my collegue help mi prepare a poster width 10cm,say wan use for my signature signing poster. I feel this poster design very special,even reporter saw the poster also say is cool!!then i reliased my collegue is so sincere!!also i reliased they need 3 collegue and one whole afternoon to bring my poster back to my company.i really wan thanks them!!!

this sentence dunno how translate.早前唱片公司亦有為我新碟銷量,而舉行祝捷會.sorry!
and sorry for poor translations (:
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Raymond Lam Album sales reach Platinum Disc Sales

Raymond Lam's second album (My Love) has sold over 30,000 copies. Yesterday evening Emperor Entertainment Group record company specifically held a celebration party for him. EEG Executive Ng Yu awarded him with a Platinum Disc. There were also 5 tables arranged for an abalone feast. TVB executive's Stephen Chan and Virginia Lok were also present to support him. Vincy Chan also attended his party and gave him flowers. You can see that Raymond Lam is loved by everybody.

Raymond Lam frankly said he did not know his album sales will reach platinum disc sales because his first album only reached gold disc sales. When he received the good news he was quite shocked. He would like to Thank his record company and TVB for co-ordinating with each other. So that he could fully promote his album. The reporter referred that both companies are very fond of him. Raymond Lam said that in future he will try harder to repay everyone. He is currently preparing for his third album.

Will Raymond Lam hold a solo concert? He said frankly that he would like to have his own concert but he has only released 2 albums, there won't be enough songs so he has to take his time. When referring to the news reports about Kevin Cheng dating 6 female stars recently. Raymond said that Kevin Cheng is (Very Man). But he felt the news reports were just for public entertainment. Each artist has a list of rumours and everyone shouldn't mind too much.

TVB Executive Virginia Lok also said it was impossible for Kevin Cheng to date 6 girls and asked" Is he really that attractive?". She laughed and said she felt Raymond Lam had more charm because he can sing. But when the reporter pointed out Kevin Cheng was once a singer, Virginia Lok apparently didn't know how to respond. Ng Yu also teased Virgina Lok by saying "If they add you as well that makes 7". When she heard this she replied "I can be his mother?".
She meant that if Kevin Cheng wanted to be Wai Siu Bo he can apply for a permit. But she felt his personality isn't like that.

10/16/2008 01:41:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Michelle Yim says the reports are too Exaggerated,

Credits: Matchbox @ Media Chamber

The TVB series (Moonlight Resonance) broke rating records and the cast had been celebrating non stop recently. Yesterday evening it was TVB executive Stephen Chan's turn to treat the cast for a feast in Tsim Sha Tsui and spent a 6 digit figure, treating over 80 members of the cast and behind the scenes staff. The cast Ha Yu, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee and Lee Heung Kam, plus Tavia Yeung were all present.

When Michelle Yim arrived at the scene she was pursued by reporters asking about her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung's condition. Michelle had just returned from Beijing and said she will not answer any questions relating to his health condition. She said the reports are too exaggerated because from the beginning to the end he was not diagnosed having cancer, it’s just after effects. She indicated that relatives and friends have been disturbed by the reports and she hopes the press will not continue to write those reports again. She said Wan Chi Keung only had a minor operation and it was normal to feel weak after the operation. She hopes everyone will give him space and thanked everyone’s concern. Currently Wan Chi Keung’s condition is good. She said he will soon be discharged from the hospital and it was not how the reports clarified as in having emergency treatment which was exaggerated. When she read the report she was shocked. She admits that he cannot eat just yet as the operation had just been done. But she only revealed it was a minor operation for after effects.

Ha Yu returned from Canada yesterday evening and arrived at the scene with his luggage. As for the TV King award he said he had confidence in himself but wasn't sure if he would receive it. The reporter asked if Raymond Lam was his biggest competitor? He said each one of them were good actors, and very powerful. As for TVB wanting to sign a Management contract with him, he said he will need to discuss it further. The reporter then said he would have a better chance if he was TVB's son (one of their contracted artistes). He replied "Only you say that, how can that be, can't believe that. It's not like exchanging gifts, everyone is just speculating. Perhaps TVB will specifically make it happen so that people will know it's a fair competition”.

Recently Louise Lee had been reported making an complaint about Raymond Lam due to him being frequently late while filming. Yesterday they co-operated in taking a picture together. Raymond said "When filming I had discussed this, Louise has also made it clear. Our relationship is very good". Louise Lee also indicated that she communicated with him over the phone. She said to use the phrase (Back-stab) was nonsense. She said "Unless I said it wrong otherwise the reason is that the reporters have nothing to write about and want to stir things up". She also felt Raymond would receive the TV King award and praised his role for being well behaved.

10/16/2008 01:40:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Credits: Matchbox @ Media Chamber

Yesterday Sammul Chan accepted Commerical Radio's live interview. As to recent Raymond Lam reports of being late and playing game consoles. Sammul immediately supported his good friend Raymond. He said "Raymond Lam is not late, he is also not as the rumours claim as in having a master temper. He has very good manners, there was a time when older generation actress Lily Leung was unwell and he piggy backed her into the studio".
Earlier TVB Executive Stephen Chan went together with him to film a travel documentary. Because of this reports indicated that he was favored by Stephen Chan. He laughed "If the rumours are true, why am I not even in the nomination list?". As for not having the opportunity to compete in receiving the TV King award, he said he didn't feel dissapointed.

10/16/2008 01:37:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Credits: Fox @ RLzoo.org
Translated by Blumonkee

Today, in his album "Your Love" celebration, Raymond received the PLATINUM RECORD DISC. Becoming the FIRST artist in TVB to get the platinum disc. (Note: Andy Lau left TVB before starting his singing career.)

Raymond expressed that he is very happy to see his hardwork and efforts has been paid off and that his album has sold a lot. He also gave his deepest sincere thanks to all his fans who has been supporting him.

Credits: Raymond's Baidu
Source: On.cc

Additional news:

Raymond's "Your Love" album sold more than 30,000 copies, breaking the original set amount of number of albums to be sold to get the "Platinum Record Disc" award. The celebration party was held in Wan Chai. Raymond personally invited Virginia Lok and Stephen Chen to attend this celebration.

10/11/2008 04:41:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Moonlight Resonance Dinner Celebration, October 11, 2008

Yesterday night, Moonlight Resonance casts held a celebration dinner at Central Wing Lung Bank Building hosted by TVB Vice Chairman Executive( i think that is what he is not sure ) Leung Nai Pang they had dinner in the top Floor and cast that attended include, Lee Si Kei, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan. Kate Tsui, Lee Heung Kam, Suzanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung , Lai Lok Yi & Louis Yeun. Also TVB Executives Stephen Chan, Catherine Tsang & Virgina Lok were also present

Leung Nai Pang presented 6 bottles of Red Wine for everyone to drink, Raymond Lam And Louis Yeun drank wine until their faces were all red before the dinner had ended. Raymond Lam who is rumour to have a high chance of winning Best Actor said that he doesn't drink red win but Maotai ( some type of chinese spirits. The nights big joke was by Moses Chan to Raymond Lam when he said " As the present position of TV king i hope that this year you will become TV king" this made Raymond very happy so they both made a toast together drinking the Maotao but secretly Moses swaped his Maotai ( its like clear liquor) with water. As Raymond was in a high mood he kept drinking till his face turned red. In fact TVB high levels already expected Raymond to drink a lot so they advised him not to drive his car there.

Also fighting for best supporting actress award Lee Heung Kam and Tavia Yeung were present at the dinner but they both supported each other to win the award. What is most important is the friendship and competing is just second place.

Credits: Simply Fungyi Blog
Translated by Sakura_drop
Original Article credits: Apple daily

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Yesterday Raymond Lam arrived in Mainland to cut the ribbon and attracted more than 1000 audiences. There is one person who wanted to see Raymond and did not care about safety, they climbed up to the top of the bus station shelter, the scene was very dangerous! Raymond couldn't even described how terriflying the scene was.

Raymond Lam arrived in Mainland yesterday to help a jewelery store opening to cut the ribbon, there were many people that came to see him. The crowd filled from all four corners of the store to across the street of the store. The excited fans even climbed up to the top of the bus station shelter to see him. The security at the scene immediately place barrier tapes around the station for saftey reasons. But when Raymond appeared, the audience became more aggressive, they all moved foward and even pushed down the metal railings. Security members continuously tried to make the place safe for everyone, in case of an accident. Raymond and the audience played games. During the game there was one female fan put on a diamond ring, which caused some trouble.

Raymond accepted an interview afterwards and said that the scene was "terrifying", but more series will have more supporting fans. Speaking of the female fan with the diamond ring, he said: "the ring really causes people to misunderstand, I only gave one to my first girlfriend, my mentality is quite traditional, hope to get married and start a family soon. But this wish is not to hope, have to see how fate goes!"

Speaking of the fight for TV King, earlier there were rumors that Moses Chan had a black face, suddenly there is another competitor for Raymond. Raymond expressed that he does not feel any pressure: "competing together is fun! I just hope that others can see that each time there is improvements and breakthroughs. (Didn't go to the lighting ceremony to impact the competition?) It wasn't just me that didn't attend, the work I have presently was arranged some months ago, I also don't think just me one person could affect anything at the ceremony."

Source: On.CC, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

10/07/2008 03:19:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Translate by Fox.

Everybody love Raymond

Raymond and Linda are loved by the audience, placed in 1st and 2nd place.

All the city is paying attention on "Moonlight resonance"'s great ending. Our magazine (Apple) has made a poll for the netizens to vote for best actor, worst actor, most favourite character and most annoying character. The poll closed on September 18th, the result is Raymond becomes the biggest winner, Linda Chung apppears in all four polls.

The final result of the poll is:

Total vote: 25,258

Best actor:
1st: Raymond Lam as Kam Wing Ho - 12,121
2nd: Linda Chung as Yu So Sum - 4,419
3rd: Tavia Yeung as Suen Ho Yuet - 2,160
4th: Louise Lee as Hor Ma - 1,862
5th:Michelle Yim as Yan HUng - 674

Worst actor:
1st: Linda Chung as Yu So Sum - 6,503
2nd: Tavia Yeung as Suen Ho Yuet - 3,475
3rd: Bosco Wong as Ling Chi Shun - 2,897
4th: Vincent Wan as Kam Wing Chung - 2,474
5th: Moses Chan as Kam Wing Ga - 1,810

Most favourite character
1st: Raymond Lam as Kam Wing Ho - 12,794
2nd: Linda Chung as Yu So Sum - 4,820
3rd: Tavia Yeung as Suen Ho Yuet - 2,365
4th: Louise Lee as Hor Ma - 1,137
5th: Moses Chan as Kam Wing Ga - 871

Most annoying character
1st: Linda Chung as Yu So Sum - : 5,952
5th:Michelle Yim as Yan HUng - 4,419
3rd: Bosco Wong as Ling Chi Shun - 4,841
4th: Susanna Kwan as Sa Yee - 4,624
5th: Kate Tsui as Lo Ka Mei - 1,742

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