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Heart of Greed 2's sign language

Reeve: Haha, i post this picture or you can say as article because Raymond is very cute in that picture. Just wanna to share with you all how adorable he is....He is teaching you sign language of HOG 2...haha...can show off in front of your friend!!!

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Next award video.
credit:雪子yuki @raymondforest & bigbig59 @ youtube.

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Reeve: Good News, The four will be on air on April!!! Let's celebrate!! *open champaign*

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Credits to: http://idlemindsehseh.blogspot.com/
Credits: RaymondForest

Top 10 TV Artists
1. Liza Wang
2. Lee Sze Kei
3. Moses Chan
4. Myolie Wu
5. Charmaine Sheh
7. Bosco Wong
8. Bernice Liu
9. Linda Chung
10. Suzanna Kwan

Most Potential New Male Artist: Wong Cho Lam
Most Potential New female Artist: Fala Chan

Sponsors' Awards
3D-Gold Charismatic Actress Award: Myolie Wu
HEKURA Most Improved Female Artist: Fala Chan
PHILIPS Extraordinary Acting Award: Liza Wang
RMK High Definition Skin Award: Charmaine Sheh
BELLA Flawless Skin Award: Kathy Chow Man Kei
HAPPY SHOP Active Artist Award: Suki Tsui
瑪花 Alluring Body Award: Bernice Liu
MEN'S SKIN CENTRES BY BELLA Most Improved Male Artist: Amigo Chui
SVENSON Healthy Hair Award: Moses Chan

Top 10 TV Program
1. Heart of Greed
2. War of In Laws 2
3. The Drive of Life
4. Fathers and Sons
5. Word Twisters Adventures
6. Steps
7. The Family Link
8. Eating Healthy 鮮入為煮 (ATV)
9. The Ultimate Crime Fighter
10. Best Selling Secrets

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Moses Chan and Raymond Lam Provokes the Wrath of the Neighbours, Gets Scared and Hides

Credit: Serena@Asian-gossip
Source: On.cc

Yesterday Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen and others were filming scenes at the bakery in North Point. They attracted a crowd of +100 people who wanted to watch and take pictures of them. It was chaotic for a while and police officers came to see what was happening. During that time, a female neighbour suddenly started to yell at the cast for blocking off the street. It scared Moses and Raymond and they both hid within the bakery.

Yesterday Moses, Raymond, Tavia and Fala were in North Point filming scenes for “HOG 2”. There were over one hundred citizens who gathered near the filming location to watch them. The filming location was close to a streetcar rail. A lot of people on the street did not care for their personal safety and stood on the road. Moses and Raymond received compliments and comments that they were handsome from the ladies. Not sure if someone complained about the crowd but police officers came to the filming locations to look around. The police officer shouted: “Go home if you want to see stars.” They also pointed out the crew workers didn’t help disperse the crowd.

Then a woman who lived in the neighbourhood suddenly started yelling: “You guys are blocking off the street (from filming scenes). I didn’t tell you to leave yet and now you want me to go!” The police and crew workers felt helpless. The cast went inside the bakery to avoid making a bigger scene.

After the incident, Moses revealed that it wasn’t that chaotic. “HOG 2” was filming at the bakery location for a while. He said: “We’re use to having a crowd watch us as we film on the streets. (“Was there a female neighbour who threw a tantrum.”) It’s true! We were a bit scared and worried that we caused the neighbourhood some inconveniences. Filming scenes doesn’t make us more important. It’s been okay since we started filming and we hope everyone can help us out. We have to film scenes at this location for a long period of time and we don’t want to make people unhappy.”

Tavia expressed that they attract crowds who watch them film outdoor scenes for ancient costume series. But they don’t receive complaints that often. She said: “Feel a bit awful if we caused inconvenience for the neighbours. Hope people will forgive us.”

3/27/2008 08:46:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

Translated by: Sammy @ http://ronforever.com & http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam
Credits: Raymond Forest

[Canada's Sing Tao Weekly] Raymond Lam and Ron Ng Drank Too Much

Quite recently, TVB Executive Tommy Leung’s daughter held a wedding banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel. This banquet attracted a lot of attention as it lit up the hotel, almost like it was TVB's Anniversary. After all, it was a TVB's Executive’s daughter’s wedding so who wouldn’t dare to not turn up?

That night, Dung Gu (should be the reporter) saw Raymond Lam and Ron Ng, the “Brothers”, stayed at the party until it ended. Was it because they are enjoying themselves that when they came out of the hotel and even waved to the media? They even showed the “V” sign, and seemed happier than actually getting married themselves. Perhaps, it was because they just drank a few extra glasses which caused them to be on a high la!

Raymond and Ron, walking together. Were they drunk since they decided to give the media a wave?

Reeve: those reporter are really funny, fung waving hand and say hi to them but they accused fung and ron are drank...

3/27/2008 08:41:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Translated by 60699 @ asianfanatics.net
Sources: rthk, ifpi, hkmf, discuss

2007 IFPI Top Album Selling Chinese Artists

The annual 2007 IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award Presentation Ceremony was held on March 19, 2008 at the annual Hong Kong Music Fair. The Ceremony will pay tribute to the local and international artists for their achievement in the music industry.

(winners are listed in no particular order)

Highest Selling Male Newcomers
Ken Hung
Raymond Lam
Jason Chan

Actually there is a longer list but i didnt post it because it is not related to fung.

Congrats to Fung!!

3/20/2008 11:49:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Translated by: Reeve @ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam
Source: Apple Daily

Raymond Lam Reveals "Heart of Greed 2"'s Luxurious House

Last Friday, a praying ceremony for "Heart of Greed 2" was held. At the moment, they only revealed the participating cast and the storyline, other details are kept secret temporarily. However, Raymond Lam revealed one of the filming locations the other day to satisfy his fans that are anticipating this series.

Wide Environment
Raymond recorded a clip, "My North Point House", and uploaded it to his blog. He expressed that this scene is most likely to be his house in the series. Outside the house is the street of North Point. With one look indoors, you can see the wide environment, which is more than a thousand feet. It is an absolutely luxurious house. As for the massage chair that he was sitting on is for the actors to relax themselves when they are free. However, when he was talking while introducing, he accidentally pushed the massage chair's remote causing it to fall, even he felt shocked. He immediately returned the remote to its original place with a smile on his face, and even continued to play (toss into air) with the pear calmly, making the situation funny.

3/17/2008 12:30:00 AM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y


Raymond Lam and Linda Chung Retain Distance on Heart of Greed II Set

TVB's new leading lady, Linda Chung Ka Yan experienced a tremendous boost in popularity since the broadcast of "Heart of Greed" 《溏心風暴》in 2007. Yesterday, Linda and rumored boyfriend, Raymond Lam Fung filmed an outdoor scene for "Heart of Greed 2" in Wanchai. The filming coincided with the time when people leave work for the evening. As a result, over fifty bystanders gathered to watch the filming.Many male fans requested to take photos with Linda with their cell phones. Linda did not turn down the requests and chatted happily with her fans.In another corner, Raymond Lam was also busy taking photos with female fans. On the set, he also kept his distance from rumored girlfriend, Linda. During filming breaks, Raymond preferred to chat with veterans such as Lee Si Kei and Michelle Yim Mai Shuet or sit quietly to read a book instead.Credits to Jayne Stars

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Translated by:[/b] celes @ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam & http://ronforever.com
Source: WenWeiPo, TakungPao, Oriental Daily, On.CC, Apple Daily

One sandwich, two person share. Raymond Lam and Linda Chung's chemistry goes one step further.

Raymond Lam and Linda Chung expressed that during filming, they will treat the opposite party as their other half.

Even Raymond Lam and Linda Chung's actions and expressions are the same, really a lot of chemistry !

Yesterday, a bunch actors of "Heart of Greed 2" attended a praying ceremony. The other day, when Raymond, Linda and Tracy were filming outdoor scenes, Raymond was particularly caring towards Linda, and shared a sandwich together. On the other hand, Tracy was treated coldly. After they (Ray and Tracy) filmed a kissing scene, he immediately wiped his mouth. Yesterday, Raymond responded, "It is because her lip gloss was very "geng", so that's why I wiped ! " When asked if he would wear swimsuit (the triangle one ^^) during filming, he smiled and said, "No, don't want to scare my relatives."

The other day, there were magazines point out that during the filming of the new series "Heart of Greed 2", love sparked for Raymond Lam and Linda Chung. Besides treating/thinking that co-star Tracy Yip is transparent, they shared a sandwich together, which was very warm and sweet. In yesterday's praying ceremony where they did not avoid standing together, they both said in unison that during filming, they would treat the opposite party as their other half, they really do have chemistry !

When the reporters asked Raymond for confirmation (regarding the sandwich), he calmly admitted that he shared the sandwich (with Linda). As for Linda, originally she said that it is required for the storyline. However, after that, she said, "Nice to eat (so we) eat together", which was contradicting and made people think that it isn't just an empty hole (fake).

Only For Losing Weight
Raymond explained, "It is because, later, I would need to film a swimming scene, so recently, I've been losing weight to keep fit. That is why we (him and Linda) shared the sandwich." Plus, after they have collaborated the last time, they already have a lot chemistry (默契). He was also asked, whether him and Linda have any kissing scenes, he said that he still don't know. Even if they were to film intimate scenes, it wouldn't be awkward for them. He also indicated that during filming, he would treat the other party as his girlfriend, but he emphasized that he wouldn't because of being
too absorbed into the role which causes him to being unable to pull out of it.

Very Very Good Friends
At first, Linda said that there was not such thing, it was required for the storyline. But after she knew that Raymond already admitted, she corrects herself by saying, "Nice to eat so we eat together lo. If I have something nice to eat, I would share with him as well. And, that day, we filmed until late at night, so (I was) really hungry. I also asked Tracy whether she wanted to eat, but she wasn't hungry so she didn't eat." She also said that it is natural when there are rumours during filming, plus, their couple image in "Heart of Greed" was a big success, so gossips and rumours are unavoidable. So, she only thinks of playing her role well. When asked whether her relationship with Raymond had any progress ? She laughed and said that they have more chemistry together, and during filming, it would be more relaxed, but she emphasized that they wouldn't have feelings off set, although they are very very good friends and they have some chemistry and get along well, but when the filming stops, she is able to pull out of the role, and when they come back to place, she will treat the opposite party as her boyfriend.

As for Ha Yu, when they talked about Raymond, who is losing weight for the swimming scene, he said, "Tomorrow I will also start to lose weight, but how is it possible to keep so fast la." As for Sze Kei Jie, most of the time, she have to stand and film, causing her to have waist pains : "Ever since my leg had problems, I asked my assistant to prepare a walking stick, once in a while, I would use it." She also said, during the filming of the scene where they will run together (think its a race) : "I will be extra careful, I'm also planning to tell the producer that I want to become the judge instead."

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Sum ray pics in taichi.
sum taken by mi & sum frm tvb.


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Credit: Aznangel @ asianeu.com/forum
sammy--x @ honeypot

Yesterday Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were filming for TVB new series "Heart of Greed II", where they filmed a 'save' scene. The scene talked about how Linda witnesses a traffic accident, she did not care about herself and went to save the injured.. she saved the person and got blood all over herself! But in real life, Linda expresses that she's really afraid of seeing blood. Even if she sees a traffic accident, she probably won't go up and help: "in real life when I see a traffic accident, I never tried to go up and save the person, the most I can do is call the police! First - I don't know how to help, Second - I'm so scared of seeing blood, once I see the sight of blood I would get nauseous! In the past, I wanted to be a nurse, but because I'm afraid of seeing blood and couldn't bear watching people pass away, that's why I decided that this profession is not right for me."

Raymond Lam obviously has gotten thinner, he explains: "My character has no bad traits, 100% good person. Actually this type of character is very hard to portray and plus in "Heart" the dialogue was very good, there will be pressure more or less, maybe that's why I'm getting thinner."

Chubby ray lost D:

3/05/2008 10:41:00 PM Raymond lam fans[reeve & yiing]Y

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