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Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianeu.net
Source: Oriental Daily

Tracy Ip Kisses Raymond Lam, Linda Chung Jealous

This Saturday reporters caught Raymond Lam and Tracy Ip ( —t‰‰) in the streets of North Point getting intimate and holding hands. In the distance, rumored girlfriend Linda Chung coincidentally walked by and saw the two. It turns out that the 3 of them were just filming for TVB's new series [Heart of Greed II].

At approximately 4am, Raymond finished filming the holding hands scene with Tracy Ip. He went into the convenience store to join Linda and shared one magazine together, Tracy Ip was alone playing with the turning egg machine. Afterwards, Raymond and Tracy filmed a break up scene, Tracy kissed Raymond's cheek, while Linda saw Raymond being kissed, she was absent-minded and could not hide the feeling, her expressions were delayed. After, Raymond shared part of a sandwich with Linda, then she exposes a joyful look.

I will post the picture later..

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Moses Chan Shines Raymond Lam’s Shoes Gives a Good Show

Credits: Serena @ http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com & on.cc

The new series just started filming but there are rumors that TVB planned the series to make Raymond Lam a “TV King”. It is rumored to be the reason that Moses Chan has less screen time. But these rumors did not affect Moses and Raymond’s friendship. The two commended each other and wants to work together to film a good series.

Moses, Raymond, Louise Li, and Susanna Kwan were filming outdoor scenes at North Point for “HOG 2” yesterday. They attracted a crowd. When Moses and Raymond came out to the street, a large crowd of people requested signatures and pictures.

The reporter asked Moses about TVB planning to give the “TV King” title to Raymond so his screen time was cut. Moses laughed and said: “I heard many rumors right after the series started to film. But I don’t mind them. I do my part. If you perform well, you don’t get your scenes cut. Performing well or not does not mean you get more scenes. It depends on your hard work. It is hard to do and requires work to do a small role. You need to rely on yourself to do a good job for the audience.” Moses also commended that Raymond has potential, works hard, handsome, sings well. He believes that Raymond’s hard work isn’t for one award only.

When Raymond heard about the rumors, he said: “Crazy, stupid! Even though actors want to be “TV King” at the end of the day, but the most important thing is playing the role well. It is important to make the character come to life and the audience to accept the character. I need to thank the producer for allowing me to have scenes with Louise, Susanna, Michelle Yim, Ha Yu and others. It gives me a chance to learn. (“There’s no competitiveness with Moses?”) No, I am happy to be able to work together. I used to think that he is only cool. But he is tall, funny and amusing. I would ask him when I don’t understand things. We communicate well with each other. It is most important that we do well in the series.”

As an elder, Louise also doesn’t believe the rumors. She feels that it is hard for Moses to interpret his character.

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Credits: raymondforest
Translated by: aZnangel @http://asianeu.net/forums/

Raymond Lam Selling Cake attracted nearby Residents

Yesterday, TVB New Series "Heart of Greed II" was filming in a cake shop in North Point. The leading lady of the series Lee See Kei instructed Raymond Lam to manage the cake shop business. Because they were so into character, some of the residents thought that they were really doing business as they opened the door to buy cakes from them. It was only afterwards that they noticed it was only filming, leaving them disappointed. (that there was no cake to buy)

Fights with Bosco Wong for girl
Before filming, since Raymond used to go to school in North Point when he was young, he spent the time to look for a stand that sold comic books. He says, "when I was young, after school I would come to this neighborhood to get comic books and sit to read while I ate "little car" noodles (܇×ÐüI). I am also Fook Kin, so I have a close feeling with this street. Also its rare for me to be able to see the neighbors here. (Your past roles were tiring?) Yes, this time I feel more comfortable. As of now the script only has 20 episodes written so far, I'm still slowly warming up for filming. Later I will be fighting with Bosco Wong for Linda Chung. Also I will have many scenes with the other cast members. Will have many lines to say."

As for Lee See Kei she also has many lines to say, she talked so much that her throat isn't well: "This series there is so many lines I have to say, I also spoke a lot of GAG, but the script is great. (Is there one GAG line that you could reveal to us first?) There is a lot, if you ask me now I can't think of one off the top of my head."

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credit to 雪子Yuki@ raymondforest
& bigbig59 @ youtube


it oni ray part.
other people include CHILAM,bosco,kevin,twins & etc.

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Translated by: celes @ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam & http://ronforever.
Source: on.cc - 15/02/2008
Credits: RF (chinese news)
Credit (Picture): TungStar and RF

Raymond Lam Denies Meeting Up Secretly With Michelle Ye

Lee Sze Kei, Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai were filming outdoor scenes for TVB's
new drama "Heart of Greed 2" (溏心風暴之家好月圓). Regarding the news released online, where he and Michelle Ye (葉璇) were said that they had a secret meeting in a night club in Pan Yu (番禺), Raymond clarified that it has been a long time since he contacted Michelle. He also pointed out that there are many inconsistent news and reports on the net, which is why, all along, he restricts himself don't go to nightclubs.

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Credit: Jaynestars.com

Raymond Lam Fung officially entered the music industry in 2007 and received the Best Newcomer Award at JSG's music awards. He also filmed several memorable television series last year. Raymond's accomplishments were quite ideal last year and his public and stage performances brought in good income.

Since tourism is increasing in Macau, many Hong Kong artists have received significant sums for their stage appearances at the casinos. Originally some casinos requested Raymond's appearance as well, but he had already committed to concert performances in the United States and Canada.

As economic opportunities were increasing, Raymond's manager admitted that Raymond's public appearance fees have increased by 20% in the latter half of 2007.

Regarding his wishes for the New Year, Raymond hopes to focus dually on his singing and acting career. Aside from filming TVB's "Heart of Greed 2" sŸíS•—–\2”V‰ÆDŒŽš¢t, Raymond intends to record a second music album in 2008. As Raymond's work schedule remains busy, the income will surely follow as well.

Source: Wenweipo

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Fung's Album Promotion in M'sia Pictures

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I have made a picture!! ^_^

It is Babyfung XDDDDD

Happy Chinese New Year To Fung and every visitor of Love Lam Fung Blog!!!

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Credit : Serena @ http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com

Yesterday, Raymond Lam arrived in Malaysia to promote his album 《愛在記憶中找你》. He was asked by the local media about celebrities in erotic photos which were circulating the internet. He admitted that it was a terrifying incident regardless if the photos were fake or real. Raymond said that he doesn’t like to take pictures of himself and doesn’t really put up personal photos on the internet.

His album broke the 5000 sales mark in Malaysia in the first week of sales. He is ecstatic about it. The reporter pointed out that he showed his nipple (revealing his “point”) in the pictures. Raymond explained that it wasn’t intentional because he was directed to roll around in bed which caused him to reveal his nipple. He disclosed that he wanted to do a photo book to keep as a souvenir. He joked (?) that he would have no problem wearing swim trunks.

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Raymond Lam Out Shopping, Needs Manager's Opinion

Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianeu.net/forums
Source: The Sun

Sui Sang, Raymond Lam is known to be obedient, even with clothes he will ask for his manager's advice. Recently, Raymond attracted fashion clothing brand Richmond, have attended their promotions and they approved his newest outfits. Yesterday night, accompanied by his manager, Raymond was at store in Tsim Sha Tsui picking out clothes. When he entered the store, there were two males and one female salespersons that was at his service. At the store, Raymond was picking out clothes here and there, he tried on the shirts 3 times, then asked for his manager's opinion. The both of them discussed on the which one is better. Results, they spent 20 minutes to decide on which one to buy.

Raymond left with 2 big bags, afterwards he stopped by at a bakery to buy some bread to cure his hunger. During his day out, there were many people that recognized him, there was a girl who followed him and whispered to her friend, "is that Raymond Lam?".

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Too bad the picture quality is bad if not fung is more handsome...

anyway, i'm finding a way to solve the problem...

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